Start New blog 2021

 Hello People, 

If you're thinking about Blogging so it's great thinking because in the whole world many people are living but still more people have no idea about that you have a chance to do something different and unique is the big and best chance to improve yourself in front all over the world. 

Start your own blog and create your own kingdom. You know what Blogging is not easy to use all that. It's more complicated you start easily blogging but after that, you leave because here wants hard work not only courage. 

How to start perfect blogging all information you get in this article full session in the article A to Z till the last. 

Start New blog 2021

Choose Platform is, there is more platform but still, those are below the platform is you people suggested. 

  1. Blogger: Blogger is a platform produced by Google. This is a free platform is you have not much money to start your own blog you can start here in just some steps or free. If you thinking about the future and fix currier in this blogging life so you choose either platform is WordPress. Because here all free and Blogger is not rank on Google every time and that's why more people fix that currier in the WordPress Platform. 
  2. WordPress: You can use the WordPress platform. Sorry to tell you I've no personally used this platform so I have no idea about that but still if your future and great build your business plan so please choose this platform is, but still if you've money to start better blogging so pick up this platform is. 

So in thing, you've picked up already platform is now the Next step is Niche and Display Name. 

Which topic you have perfect knowledge about that there is many Niche( Topics e.g. Heath, Blogging, Educational, technical, facts, etc.)  If you write many above topics they called the MultiNiche or you write above only one like blogging is one only so that is called Niche. It Means Niche (One particular topic) MultiNiche ( Different Different topics). What is Niche Blogging?

Hope so, You understand what is wanted to say. 

Display Name- Choose a Better display name of your own Blog, You also give your name to the Display there is no problem with your Name. 

Now the Next thing is Domain- Choose the perfect domain and buy that particular domain with your blog. 

Which name purchase domain- You search on Godaddy and search like Display name domain and buy the domain. How to buy a domain from Godady? 

After you purchase a domain and your Next step is to join that Domain with the Website, How?

Now, The next is Hosting? If you have created a website/ Blog on WordPress there is a want to Hosting?

Theme Restore: The next step is website design, website design is the main thing. Blogger responsive theme it's the main thing in the blogger if the website has better navigation, and responsive page that time people visit website either your website/blog is not for any work it's worst. How to restore theme? 

There is a free theme also available in Blogger and WordPress too. But if you buy paid responsive template that is good for Navigation and handles. 

After all, done Next is content and all that it's the heart of our blog, without any 0 posts we can't earn money online from the Blogging. If you want to earn money so there is want to post on the Blog/ website. What is Quality Content? In the Blogging/ website there is want to Images unique not copyright so there are available free images for the blogging (Which websites provide service free images). 

If you started blogging so there is no traffic is simple not complicated but when we promote a website there is increase traffic. So, How to promote the website?

SEO Setting is a must in the Blogging carrier without SEO setting Google can't give permission to ranks articles in Google. How to do SEO Setting?

Sometimes in Blogging many Sentences and copyright content are there so, How to Check Plagiarism for website text check?

You Started writing posts and pages so there is want to all article links and page link submit in the Google Search Console, How to submit article links in the Google Search console?

Add pages- Add pages on your website/ Blog e.g. Disclaimer, Privacy policy, Contact us, About us, sitemap, etc. 

After you posted above 30-40 posts on your website, that you apply for Google Adsense. 

Google Adsense Approval is hard and many people thinking about this, So How to Approve Google Adsense Account tips and tricks?

This is enough for now, You started already a Blogging account now to write posts and publish on the website and you earn money. It's easy but please write quality, unique content don't copyright content publish because every single copyright content destroys your hard work. What is Copyright Strike? How it does work?

You Started blogging and if you single doubt any about the blogging so you can visit here-Checkout

When you think, Google Adsense Takes a long time to approve, and that time people think about the Without Adsense How to make Money online?  Yes, you earn money without Google Adsense Approved is possible Check out the above link and learn more. 

Traffic- For the Traffic, people sometimes take paid service but you know what is this possible without increasing traffic in free. 

Conclusion-  I like your decision to start blogging, But it's true it's not easy it's more complicated but if you want to achieve your dreams please sacrifice and start now blogging and earn money online by your hard work. 

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