How to make money without Google Adsense?

 More people thinking about the Blogging and start blogging. First those people write copyright content after that they people realise there is no a any chance for the Copyright content and than people thinking about searching about the "Without Google Adsense  approval how to make money?". 

Every single people thinking about the make money online, and in this online make money and there is many ways and people choose this blogging is. 

If you people have no idea about that, which ways available on the Internet to make money without Google Adsense approval. Don't worry those ways and real and true. 

How to make money without Google Adsense?

Follow below ways to make money online without Google Adsense Approval? 

Paid Review 

Paid review is the best option if you have no Google adsense approval. But still instead of Google adsense if you have big traffic so you can use this chance and paid review you can do that on your website. 

In the paid review gadgets, Websites, YouTube video or other products to promote on your official website and make money without Google Adsense 

You can arrange you fix money and you can do the paid review about the product or other something. 

Many Websites earn money from the review about the product and more traffic and earn money. If you have YouTube Channel so you can both platform in the YouTube and Website both platform you can do the Paid review and earn more money without Adsense Approval. 

Gust Posting 

If you have more traffic on your blog/website and not approved by Google Adsense so there is need to start Guest posting. 

I know you have no idea about the Guest posting. So please once search on google "Write for us" if you search and there is many result particular and website give chance to increase traffic if we apply for there so they particular website takes some money and article publish on their website. There is one advantage of applied people increase traffic on those submitted article. 

If you have more traffic so you also do the same thing and start guest post if you have more traffic, Because more people they want to traffic and they have no any chance to increase traffic and guest posting is the one way to explore knowledge and make own traffic and increase traffic. 

Product promotions/ websites promotion 

Many New websites developers want traffic and that time those people needs the promotion. If you paid promotion available on website so those people contact you and you can contract how charge is applied if those people agree for the promotion so you can promote website or product and earn money. 

Product promotion is too easy, But you have more traffic so this is better way to promote any website and product on the Website. 

Advertising Networks 

There are many Advertising networks like Google Adsense. They Networks provide there Ads to post on Website and than you warn money from that particular Advertising Networks ads providers. 

Trusted below ad Network providers you can apply for the approval and earn money from the Ads. 

4 Best Ad Network 


 Visit Website


 Visit Website


 Visit Website


 Visit Website

Affiliate Marketing 

Also we have chance to affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is the give chance to earn money online. Advertise affiliate product sell by using your website and earn commission from the Affiliate programme. 

There is also no need only the website, if you Facebook page, Instagram page or website anywhere you advertise and sell the particular affiliate programme and earn commission like 10%, 25% or 50% something. 

Many affiliate programme 50% also provide but those programme wants best and high traffic website. If you website is better and good so you can also apply. 

If you are looking for the best affiliate programme so you can choose the "Software Affiliate" is the big opportunity. 

4 Best Affiliate programmes list 

 Amazon Affiliate 

 Visit Website

 Flipkart Affiliate 

 Visit Website

 Hostinger Affiliate 

 Visit website

 Solvid Affiliate 

 Visit website


Conclusion- "How to make Money without Google Adsense?" In this article all about the Make money without no any investment you earn money from you website and blog, It's easy and simple explain in this article, Hope so you people this information is helpful and information, Share article link with you people. 

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