How to Approve Adsense Account with Blogger?

Here, i'll Help you to the Adsense Account Approved and related all things explain easily, So today name for this Blog  How To Get Adsense Approved 2020 - Your Help I think you also want to Adsense Approved am i right or not so that you come my this Web page for the Adsense Approved help. I know that. 

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By the Way, I'm not a professional but i know some things about the blog because I've 2 years experience about my blog. If you Watch my Old blog you can see. Search on Google MarathiFed easily and you got above page you can simply click and see Okay. There is also give a Solution about the Google Adsense Approved but Marathi Language Only. You can search and get information in the Marathi. 

Okay Go Ahead now we can see in English Here okay How to get Adsense Approved????????

Some Points are given below and also given in details in about the points you see concentrate below point and compare you blog with these points Okay.

  • More Than 15 Blog Articles Available. 
  • Buy Domain and Hosting also.
  • Responsive Blogger Template Buy and free also Available In Google 
  • Arrange Many Blogging things
  • Arrange Labels, Location and also more things in the Blog.
  • Make Pages Eg. Privacy policy, About us, Domain, About me, Disclaimer etc. 
  • Old Domain want to Google Adsense After 3 Month Old. 
  • SEO Setting. 

Follow above things and add Above information in your blog and that's why easy to get Adsense Approved. 

More than 15 Blog Articles are Allowed

Google Adsense want to More than 15 Blog articles and think about your blog Give Adsense Approval or not but I've my own experience said post regularly post on your blog account. 

More than 15 post when you write that can you your blog give to monetised and Google Adsence See your all data and give Approval to you It's Easily. Figure out or not?? 

Buy Domain And Hosting 

By The Google or other site like GoDaddy Website have many Hosting and Website domain also there is all name domain you can easily purchase you like Domain name and Buy and Sell chance also available is there you get the Chance and Make Money

It's easy way to Buy and sell but here i'll say only about the Domain and hosting only so sorry for that buy get the chance as per above i can say Okay Figure out. 

When you purchase the Domain name for you blog website you can connect easily and When you get Adsense Approval you also earn money by the Google Adsense. 

Responsive Blogger Template 

As per the Title use for you Blog/ Website page Responsive Blogger template It's the Most important to the Website for the easy to get Adsense Approval. 

Easily in the Google Search Responsive Blogger Template and you got all the Result but i suggest here to easily click the Images and then there is available many Responsive Template and easy to Download and join the Blog. 

It's the best and always and ever best way and once chance to get Google Adsense Approval, Remember that Okay. 


Pages is the after all Above things are complete now you see the Pages. It's also important to the Adsense Approval. 

Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, About Us, About Me, Domain etc. Make pages to related your blog/ Website and easy to get Google Adsense Approval. 

SEO Setting 

Please Note that Above SEO Setting most important is the Google Adsence SEO Setting is the best once for the Approval

SEO Setting is the only small Setting is your blog like Fevicon and all that Like Location and About me And so on... See and Done your all Things and make sure Completed and than you give you application and fill the Adsense form and apply, Then After a month or some times in week or also some time in just two day Google Adsense Give Approval and then you earn online money by the Google Adsence. 

 I hope you guys are understand how to get Approval by the Google Adsense, It's blog Helpful or not you can send me answer in the Given below In the Comment section and make sure you're like this blog and helpful. Share link it with your friends for the Google Adsense Approval. Thank you and visit again Have a Good day To you All. 

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