How to write quality Content? [ Updated 2021]

 Hello everybody, How are you all? In this new fresh article all about the "Quality content" What is how it is work and all other about How to write high quality content all question and doubt clear in the article, Read till it end and hope this article helpful to you share article with your peoples. 

How to write High quality Content? [Updated 2021]

You people know already content is king. When content is king so if you have to survive in the website, blogging field so walk with content. 

Create- Content- edit- Publish> is the step of article. 

What we cover in this article point are given below
  1. What is high quality content 
  2. Topic research 
  3. Keyword research and tools 
  4. SEO friendly titles 
  5. Headings and sub- headings 
  6. Quality Images, Videos 
  7. Proper on page SEO 
  8. Build trust audience 
  9. Create unique and original content 
  10. Focus on reader not a money( Business) 
Above all point we are cover in this article read all information carefully and write high quality content in your website. 

1. What is High quality content 

You know what, When you any information search in the Internet any search engine like Google or other so you got many result in the first page but still there is which is article in top of the search engine they have more traffic always because that article have better information instead of other website article. 

Quality depends upon the website trusted, better information, long tail heading, tags, labels etc. many factors are important role in High quality content. 

In this quality content unique, information new, updated all that. That is quality content. World change every second and we have to always stay updated so that quality change every second. 

Below factors remember when you write quality content 
  • Audience Trust 
  • Better and new updated information 
  • Long tail headings and sub-headings 
  • Labels 
  • Tags 
  • Search description etc. 

2. Research Topic 

Before  start the article writing first research that particular topic. How many post are rank in google search engine and how many topics are cover in that website article all topic cover and research. 

Which website is rank details about that how many Traffic, backlink, shared etc. find out all information what is write that website all find out and try to write something new and different. 

All that topics are cover and other your topics also cover in your article and publish it. 

First step is article writing is "Research topic" there is many tools available in the google some paid and some tools gives users chance free per week for sometimes 10 to 15 days get advantage and learn about topic researching. 

3. Keyword research and tools 

Main thing always for the article ranking in the Google search engine. Keyword research is the always main thing in the article, First keyword research and after that which keyword is suitable to that particular article and what is writing? all depends that particular topic. 

Find keyword and placement that keyword in the article, maximum 6 times we have to use that selected keyword write in the article. 

Tools- Free tools i'll suggested to you people and how to find keywords click the link and redirect to that particular link and read it and learn- How to find keywords free 100%.

Keyword research is important role play in the full time blogging and YouTube Carrier. YouTube also need the research keyword for the starter YouTube carrier, After viral video and increase subscriber than you upload any video without any keyword researching. 

4. SEO Friendly Titles 

SEO friendly titles is the need without any titles article(Post) not rank. When you select better and perfect titles after that rank that article. 

SEO friendly is need to the increase traffic and exact what is in this article for the find exact information. 

Better title and long tail title always important play role in the Website, blogging. Find better and best SEO friendly title. As you can see the below image is what is SEO friendly title is, 
SEO friendly title

Hope SEO friendly title, what is it? you're understand. 

5. Headings and Sub-Headings 

Title and heading is same but still there is little difference too. When you give perfect title but still in between article we also write sub-headings also better to navigation and for the better search engine result. 

<How to write High quality Content? [Updated 2021]> that is the article title right? but we have to also one or two times use in between article and than publish it. 

<Article main title> 
.<Article heading in the top of the before start writing article>.
..<article information ( info. about article)>..
...<Use title also use in between>...
....<End- one time use also that title or heading>....

Hope so how to use heading in between article? 

6. Quality Images and video 

Use images in the article and also give the alt text and title text is the important to the rank article in the google search engine.

When you article is related to fun so there is use funny images and funny video too, if there is technical related article so there is teaching related to tech you upload the video for the audience easy to understand is the part or build trust with the loyal audience. 

When from the video audience got help and advantage so there is build trust and people more time visit website and regularly update. 

Quality Images and videos better for the search engine. Google also check first website, website is helpful or not after that rank in the google search engine. 

7. Proper on page SEO

About on-page SEO there is link click and scroll below and read what is proper on page SEO?

For the more information about the SEO? What is SEO? and How it does work? 

8. Build trust Audience 

Respect every single audience because when audience visit website than our website is popular without visit any single website there is no value. 

Provide real and best information with the audience. Explain every single term in the simple language any language you can use but simple language use is the better to understand. 

Every single comment if they have doubt any about that so you've duty to explain in simple way from the reply of that particular comment or simple e-mail reply is must because is the process to start build trust. Remember always build trust you audience and attached with them. 

9. Create unique and original content

Choose best title for you article and remember one thing want original and unique content. 

Copyright is in blogger, when you copy paste other article this is the google gives copyright strike. Learn more about copyright strike. 

There is many topics are available they have no any information in the google search engine find out that particular topic and write about that topic and rank your article in search engine. 

10.  Focus on reader not a Money( Business)

Trust is always better than money, when you build trust money automatically comes. Focus on readers only what they want think about that or questions also gives in below the article when they have any doubt they peoples directly e-mail or comment box use for the contact. 

I know money is needs but if people visit than you build money remember that. Focus on article not a money or business. 

Conclusion- In this article all about content, trust, SEO, Titles, Heading, Sub-Headings etc. that particular topics are cover in this article. "How to write High quality Content? [Updated 2021]" It's updated article 2021. If this information you people get helpful so share article with your peoples. 

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