How to restore/upload theme in Blogger Account?

How to restore/upload  theme in Blogger Account?, Blogger Help, How to Download the template
How to restore/upload  theme in Blogger Account?

 You started already blogging and you have no idea about the "How to Restore theme in Blogger account?" So you are in right article and how to download best Blogger responsive template details learning in this article hope you read this article till the end and learn about responsive theme and how to download it.

How to Download Blogger Responsive Template? 

Download responsive template is the simple thing. Below steps are follow easy and simple. 

Responsive Blogger template

Go to the Google official Interface and Search there "Blogger Responsive Template" And than there is more result are there but simply click the "Images" Option. And choose any responsive template as you like. 

Steps to follow:

(1).  Search: Responsive Blogger Template

(2) Click the "Images" Option, Other result is below click and check too when you want to. 

(3) Choose image which you like image and which suits best to your website. There is many template available like Shopping, Magzine, Blog etc. 

(4) After particular Image click next step is choose next option is. Next option is in Below screenshot.

(5) After click the that particular option than you reach new interface and that is official interface is "Responsive Blogger template" Provider. Than that Official Interface there is Option is Buy, Preview and Download. 

If you want to better service from the Template and editing as you want you can buy that particular Template. If you try how it's look you can click the "Preview" Option and if there is Free to download so click simple "Download" Option and free to download. But in the free download footer credit is not remove remember that. 

(6) After Download that particular "Blogger Responsive template" Next is XML File paste another option as you want i mean this is better to the easily Restore in the Blogger. Click that file and cut the XML Document file. 

 Now all data is ready to restore in the Blogger Official Account. So next step is restoring step they step follow below "How to Restore/ Upload theme in the Blogger Account?".

How to restore Theme In the Blogger Account?

(1) First you have to go "Blogger" Official Interface and click that one left corner option is "Theme" Click that option. 

(2) After completing Step 1 than step 2 complete and in this step Click the Customise size Below arrow and than next step do.

(3) Now click the "Restore" Option.

(4) Click "Upload" and than choose that cut XML Document file and upload it and some time processing take the Blogger and than you checked in your official website Theme upload or not.

Now the complete "Blogger Theme" and now next is set the navigation and edit the Website page, Website look edit. 

If you want to edit the background and all the website data so Click the "Layout" and change there everything as you want and as you like. 

Conclusion: "How to restore/ upload theme in Blogger Account" In this article all about the "Blogger responsive Template" How to Upload and download all information in this article read till the end and learn more about the template and all other information about the Blogging, Technical Info., Love and relationship and entertainment. Hope so is this information you get helpful share article with your people. 

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