How to do SEO Setting in Blogger official Account?

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How to do SEO Setting in Blogger official Account?

 When you started already blogging in free on "Blogspot " So there is need some setting and they called SEO ( Search Engine).  When your article rank in search engine so there is rank you "Meta Tag" and "Meta Description" is want always. 

Many people don't know about the Blogger SEO setting if you have learn about the SEO setting in Blogger official Google account so this article gives you a chance to earn about the SEO. Read till the end and get advantage is this article. I hope is this article helpful and informative to you peoples. 

Follow below steps and done your SEO Setting in your Blogger Official Account : 

Step 1: Go to Your Blogger Official Website and Click the "Setting" Option as you can see the below Screenshot. 

Step 2: After click the Setting button there are many option is another interface. Read carefully in the screenshot and fill up everything there is everything write in below screenshot. 

Step 3: After Done above setting please scroll the below and see the next screenshot is and do that some Steps. As you see the below screenshot.

Step 4:  After done the step 3 so do the next step is step 4 as give access and switch on buttons for the visibility in the Google Search engine. 

Step 5: After done the Step 4 than do the next step is step number 5 and gives some permission. All permission in the below screenshot. 

Step 6: After step 5 do the next step is step number 6 and select some another option. 

Step 7: After done the Step 6 is the next step is given in below screenshot you can that step too. See the below screenshot.

Step 8: After completing step 7 is next step is what? Next step is in the below scroll the below and do the next setting is. 

Step 9: After completing above step and do the next step is Step 9. Switch on other option and in the below screenshot. 

Step 10: After completing Step 9 completing below screenshot step. There is option once they option you click than one pop up in front of you than what is selected is the below.

Enable Custom Robots header tags is Switch on Button and on. And below option is.
After click the Home Page Tags and below screenshot and select option is 
And the second one is "Archive and search page Tags" Option click that option and one time also pop up screen in front of you see the below screenshot and select option. 

Now third one is "Post and Page Tags" Click that option and one time also pop up in your screen and also there is option see the below screenshot and do as same.

Google Search console: Search in Google Search engine "Google Search console" and create your account do all the steps and every single article paste and request indexing.  

Step 11: After completing the step 10 is than the monetisation option is there. If you got the Google Adsense Approved you can easily paste Ads.text there or if there no Adsense Approved so after approval you paste there no problem. 

Step 12: After completing the step number 11 is. There is last one SEO Setting is there. Below screenshot see and done last step is.

After completing this process your SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation ) Setting is complete but Google need some time to review your website properly to index in Google Search engine. 

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Conclusion: "How to do SEO Setting in Blogger official Account?" In this official Article all about the SEO Setting. Almost all are step Meta Tags and Meta Description How to update all are clear in this Article. Hope so is this article peoples get helpful. Share article with your peoples. 
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