How to index blogger post on Search console?

How to index blogger post on Search console?, What is Google search console, Blogger Help, How to index every article in google Search engine
How to index blogger post on Search console?

 If you starting Blogging now in 2021 and you've no idea about the How to Index every blog post article so you are in exactly article. In this article all about the Google Search console, How to Index every Blogging post article in the Google Search engine by using the Google Search console.

It's not all if you write the article and post articles better unique article High quality content but there still you not link joined with the Google search console to there no any means all your hard works waste all that. If you're are blogger and don't no about the Google Search console and how to joined every article and see the result. 

Which is article is in Google Search engine, How many Impression and all that you got every single information in the Google Search console. 


How many traffic daily comes from the Internet Google search engine you can see here easily. How many new impression here to visit your blog from the Google or other search engine you see in the "Google Search console". 

Total Web Search click, valid pages, Mobile Usability and other many options are there you can every single click and get details every single option. 

Check daily performance and how many visit your article and website you can easily check here and traffic is organic or not also you can check. How many visit new visitors per day also you can check.

Which is article trend in the Google search engine, article position also you can see in this Google Search Console. 

So Let's Get started How to joined every single article with the Google Search Console

(1) In the Google Search engine Search: "Google Search Console" And press the Enter Key.

(2) After Completing above step click the "Start Now" Option and than go ahead. 

(3) After click the "Start now" Option next is login or sign up by using your E-mail ID with password and login. 

Now you're in the Official web page of Google Search Console every single information read below and done all the below process and done that now. 

There is new Interface in your screen is "Google Search Console Tool" and now next step is Every single article Add in the Google Search engine for the Search engine show. 

Google Search console is help for the every single article rank in the Google search engine and than in a hour your article visible in the Google Search engine.

Advantages of Google Search console Tool

  • Google Search console gives chance to blogger add their article to the Search Engine.
  • For the Checking performance, Valid Pages, etc.
  • Check How many Post indexed in the Search engine and how many pending article is there?
  • Average CTR, Average position of the article we can check in the Google Search Console tool.

What we do in the Google Search console see the below screenshot.

Sitemap Setting

Sitemap setting is the more important step in this Google Search console and click the "submit" Option and submit it. 

URL Inspection setting

Conclusion: "How to index blogger post on Search console?" In this article all information about the Google Search console. How to index every single article in the Google Search engine. Hope so this article peoples you get helpful and informative, share article link with your peoples. 

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