What is Copyright strike? How to Fix it?

4 Min | What is Copyright Strike | How to Fix Copyright?

 Here in This new article about the Copyright. You know guys already what is Copyright but here in this article more about that so please read till the end and more increase knowledge about the Copyright. 

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Why Google give the copyright?

Firstly Blogger or YouTuber think about the Copyright because they have no Idea about the Copyright word, copy and simply paste, download video and easily upload by you it's the Copyright. 

Google not easily give the Copyright message first research above the they fix copy or not than Google give the copyright claim, strike. 

What is Copyright? 

There is a Internet or other like a exam and all that copyright is the common thing but copy is bad always. Blogger or YouTube there are many Copyright content. When you copyright content use in the 

Copyright is Good or Not?

In the Blogging Field Copyright is not good always because of the if you're trying to copy of other website it's a crime and Your account has been ban it's the Google Policy if you want to survive in the Blogging world you need to accept some Google Policy and rules. 

Not only the Blogger/Website there is also still same rules and policy on the YouTube, Still accept that rules. Many creators and writers all the Hard work show in the website and a video so if you're trying to copy that video and essays, other writing it's still crime and copyright strike. Remember one thing always keep calm your mind and think and write or create your video and your writes. If the Google download photos and post in the website google also given that photos copyright so there are many website to given free Website photos used it. 

Copyright Harm

Copyright harm is the always bad. Because of the when the copyright increase copyright strike than account is completely, permanently ban gmail account so remember that thing always. 

On the website website closed the permanently by the copyright claim. Google have community guidelines, when over flow the guidelines are than google give the Copyright strike it's the warning. 

How to Solve Copyright Strike/ How to Fix It?

Copyright is the 90 days expire when the expire you can free than, But the copyright is harmful Google 3 or 4 time give only strike when it's too much than account ban for the forever.

Delete that video or copyright article on your website and make unique content they have not any copyright video or Article. 

When your video is unique and removed by google than Submit a copyright counter .Notification

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Conclusion- In the article all about the Copyright YouTube and Website copyright article. Need to fix that thing. 

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