How to buy Domain from Godaddy?


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How to buy Domain From Godaddy?

Are already started blogging or website building and you have no idea about the "How to buy domain from Godaddy? Domain is how it's important in this article cover read all that information carefully and purchase the domain and join your website. There is easy to join too, once complete buying process there is also post is available after some time "How to join domain with the Website?' Read till the end and learn more about that. 

How to Purchase/ Buy Domain from Godaddy

Godaddy Official Website: Click Here

Follow below steps and purchase domain:

 Go to Godaddy Official site and login with Google account or if you have Facebook or another way first login part covered complete.

 Godaddy Interface is below screenshot.


1.  Now the top "Search bar" is there you can easily search there as you want name i'll write there "daredevil blog" as a website name. 

2. Search any name as you want, i'll search "daredevil blog" you can search other name this depend on your display name. Below get many result any many domain also still available check that and buy any domain as you want. Which one is like and click the "Add to Cart" option and select it, and next click "Continue to Cart" 

3. There is option "Full Domain privacy and protection" If you want to buy protection you can buy as you want either click the "No Thanks" and below is Professional E-mail address if you want to buy either click "No Thanks". 

4. As you above step select the option go ahead and click the "Continue to Cart" button. 

5. After click the "Continue to cart" New interface in front of you that is Payment Interface simply all information fill up and clear all payment and buy the Domain. After select the domain year protection payment and click the "Checkout" button and clear the payment, domain is yours. 

Hope so How to buy/purchase domain your guys are understand. Is this article helpful to you people. 

Domain: Domain is just a particular address. When your living in Bombay so there is one particular right, like Bombay Taj Hotel is the one particular address. Domain is a your website particular address start from www ( World wide web) is the full form as you can see this article domain  is the particular website address. People find easy address when you gives in the details right! 

Hosting is also too the address but in details there is available more than storage and one a fixed place is the Hosting. You have no idea about the hosting read that article too, in the top of the corner there is one search icon click that and write there What is Web Hosting? You get result and read that. 

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation): For the search engine Domain is more important without domain you can't in the search engine, but there is more step to the search engine every single article submit in the "Google search console" that article present in the search engine. Keyword Research ,  SEO setting etc. more setting is there. But there is still personal domain is important every single website for the search engine. 

Monetisation: Google Adsense and other ads providing network first approved your website and for the approval there is must have unique domain. There is in a small cost available domain in the market. Godaddy provide better type of Domain and hosting to the blogger, Wordpress and other website building websites.

Earning money wants to domain and if you have proper domain there is 102% chance to monetisation but one doubt is there non copyright content wants to every single website. Content is king in the website building world. Concentration on content get unique and high quality content there is 102% chance to monetisation. 

Traffic:  For the earning money there is more want to traffic. In a free domain there is nothing traffic only the some 10 to 15 visitors comes in website but when we tell to visit website. But the still if you have best domain and better unique and high quality content there is many people visit website and your traffic increase easily. 

Traffic is everything in the website building and blogging. Without traffic you can't earn money. Organic traffic is want in this website field with the unique and very good quality content. 

DNS: Domain Name system 

Conclusion: "How to buy domain from Godaddy?" from this article hope so helpful. Domain how to buy and Domain advantage in this article share article with your family, friends, blogger and website builder.  

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