What is Web Hosting? How it Does work?


What is Web Hosting?, How it does work?
What is Web Hosting?How it does Work?

Web hosting is the internet world it's the one address. Hosting provide the visitors all data about the searching related and exactly where is information is available of the searching it's called Hosting. Actually hosting is the Address. Domain is also address but the in a domain have information about website Images, Videos and all data access the Hosting. Every website to the See in the Internet there is needs Hosting. 

When you think about the website making so knowledge find the information about the Hosting. So in this article all about the Hosting. What is web hosting in this full article read till the end and know more about the Hosting. 

Web Hosting Definition

Web hosting is the address where are you live actually it is called Web hosting. In detail web hosting the full address, when you have information about the Domain and Hosting so people search in google about the domain and hosting related questions so that is information hosting provide that people actually where it is information exactly store. 

Hosting is more important to the every website developer to the traffic and increase community to like a business. Web hosting provide many types of features and Hosting type too there is available. There is Godaddy popular to the Domain and Web hosting if you find the hosting to your Website and blog. 

Before purchase the Web Hosting learn more about the basic features about the Web Hosting.

  • Bandwidth: Bandwidth is the provide related information about your website. Many people without any problem access your website. There is low bandwidth slow your website loading speed.
  • Storage: Any web hosting gives the better storage to keep the files, Images, videos and other important date. Files easily store in the Web hosting storage there is no issue but the payment is more so storage more. 
  • E-mail: Web Hosting is also provide the e-mail to the website better performance. E-mail hosting is also available. Custom e-mail also you can buy from the hosting website. 
  • Backup: Some time the computer date will be automatically delete is the big problem and Hosting provider serving backup convenience. 
  • Customer support: Customer support is the very important to the Web Hosting because some time there is create big technical problem and we have to idea how to solve that problem so there is important role is customer support. Phone call, live chat is also still available in the web hosting is the big advantage. 
  • Uptime: It's the main trusted thing in this Web hosting. Many companies gives guaranteed uptime and it's means minimum 99.9% available to the visitors in the high loading time period. 

Types of Web Hosting 

Actually there is 4 types web hosting and which they are stay read below to and know more more about types and more.

  1. Shared Hosting 
  2. Dedicated Hosting 
  3. VPS (Virtual Private Hosting) 
  4. Cloud Hosting 

So above are the all type Web Hosting names only. So the below learn more about one by one topic covered below Read it.

1. Shared Hosting 

By this name Shared hosting you're understand about this Shared hosting this hosting is many website developer and blogger many users are use. Shared Hosting is sometime problem.

In the Shared Hosting many website data store in only one server use to Space, RAM, or CPU and that's why as compared to other Hosting it's too low price available. 

If you're the search about the hosting first time so shared Hosting is best to you. Know idea about that what is hosting and how it does work? and you're interested to know more about the Hosting so Shared hosting best according to me. 

It's available in low price and easily buy this web hosting. You can by year like wise 1 Month, 1 Year, 2 years likewise you can buy the Hosting. 

Godaddy and Hostinger is the best domain and Hosting provider if you're interested to the buy Shared Hosting.

Advantage Of Shared Web  Hosting 
  • In a Budget 
  • Starter Website Builder for the learn more 
  • Practice 

Disadvantage of Shared Web Hosting 
  • Many problems create due to one server many websites 
  • Less Storage 

Buy or Not Shared Hosting 

First users Answers is- Yes 

Because of the first users don't know about the Hosting and all that and for the increasing traffic is the best it is. When you have more traffic you can use other type Hosting but low traffic so use this Shared Hosting. 

When you have more traffic on your website so there is use other type hosting because of the Shared hosting have an sometime technical issue for the highly users and speed decreases too. 

2. Dedicated Hosting 

In this Hosting you're only one Admin of that server or you can customise as you want. You can change resources as you want Low or High too. All control is you have and control as you want or Hardware and software low to high. 

Dedicated Hosting is the High price and if you've high traffic in your website so is that Hosting use i suggest too.

Is the Dedicated Hosting it's better resources and better privacy to the best website performance. 

In this Dedicated web Hosting give you whole control, it means server only hosted by you not other people use that server only person admin that server and hosting. It's not like shared hosting there are many websites on only one server so there is create problem. Dedicated gives better privacy and resources. 

Advantage of Dedicated Web Hosting 
  • Better Performance 
  • Best Security
  • Trusted 
  • Full Control 

Disadvantages of Dedicated Web Hosting 

There is one Disadvantage that's the better technical knowledge allowed in this Dedicated Web Hosting because whole control is depend on you. And more costly too.

3. VPS (Virtual Private Server) 

Virtual service is the Online service. In this VPS Web Hosting almost server is your's like that in computer control is you'res in this VPS Hosting and physically feels this hosting you can use this hosting as you want. 

But the actually is this hosting all is not your's but the virtulization and technically made and physically feels all server is your's and in your control. 

VPS Web Hosting is also known as virtual Dedicated server and in this VPS Hosting hope you there is not confusion because there is no more confusion. 

Advantage of  VPS Web Hosting 
  • Server in our Control
  • Demanding OS (Operating System) 
  • Less Costly 
  • More powerful VPS Hosting 

Disadvantage of VPS Web Hosting

In this VPS Web Hosting Disadvantages is the there is root is access but the limited only and in this server many website of there is effect on performance. 

4. Cloud Hosting 
Cloud Web hosting is also technical concept and in this topic also learn more about the cloud hosting what is and how it does work cloud Hosting. When you people use shared hosting so there is many chances to you website in offline mode so here cloud hosting is help to back online. 

Sometime website speed too much due to the Shared hosting so there is need to cloud hosting to recover the in the normal and better speed. 

Cloud hosting protect website an gives better performance. Cloud hosting is not a single server is the physical server and instead to many servers host. 

Cloud Hosting is always protect website and back with the better speed and keep online always. 

Advantage of Cloud Web Hosting 
  • More customisation 
  • Trusted service Provide 
  • Resources easily decreases and increases 
  • More uptime
  • Better security 
  • Less Costly 

Disadvantages of Cloud Web Hosting 
  • More costly 
  • Accessibility 

So people there is 4 types of Hosting you can buy any one Hosting and see your website better performance. 

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