How to find Low Competition Keyword?

Website builder know about the keyword finder. Is in article all about the How to find Low Competition keywords easily and rank article very easily. If you're starting now to website building so is this article helpful to you. People only write article no research and no other thing but the you want to earn more money not running only the Google Adsense only think about the first traffic. If you've more traffic automatically google Adsense approved you and you earn more money. 

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How to Find Low Competition Keyword?

There is free Keyword finder.
  1. Google auto search 
  2. Google Keyword Finder (Google Ads) 

1. Google auto Search

In this Google auto search is not the tool so what is this? So the Google auto search is the you are in now Okay and there is search about the topic and below are the searches also comes in the below and after search scroll down and below and other searches also in the below they are the part of the Google Auto Search. 

How to find low competition and wait a 2 second below are some options are also coming that is the Google auto Search. 

See above images and see what is auto search. When you search every topic below and some searches are also in the below they are called the Google auto search. 

Another thing is after search and some topic are also after scroll and the below section comes many topic they searches related topic. Remember one thing after search all topics and than write your article above that topic. 

See above Images and search volume and traffic and high or low traffic is there research above topic and write the article. 
Keyword finding is the part of Google Search engine. 

2. Google Keyword Finder 

Google Keyword finder is the also use in simple. Is the free tool and using very easily and traffic, volume and competition are also in this Google Keyword finder and it's still free to use and know about the traffic. You know what there are many Keyword find are available in the Digital world but they are still paid tools. 
Here Google keyword finder is still free. 

Google keyword finder is the also known as Google Ads in this tool paid promotion also you can do some charge and get traffic and make money online. Interface is below Google Ads (Google Keyword Finder) 

1.Above the Interface of the Google Ads( Google keyword Planner) by using this tool you research about the keyword and by using keyword article in the Top of the search engine. After the search and interface click the icon the setting name is Tool and setting, After click below are the interface 

2. Above interface see and click the keyword planner and research about your topic. Click the Keyword planner and see below step.

3. Is the Interface and option is Discover new Keywords and below are the direction symbol click that symbol and go ahead and Search Keywords. 

4. After the Discover New keywords direction and above interface in your Laptop screen and next step is search keyword in above blank space. As you can see above images do that same. After searching the keyword interface is given below. Write your keyword and below Get Results option are the Clear blue click that option and get result and next you can do better. See below last is.

5. Above your result. Search your article name and choose one or two below keyword and use in your article and get Top in the search engine easily. Average Monthly searches and after that Competition option is there Low, High are there you choose low or High as you want. 

I hope so you can understand how to use Google Keyword planner and how to research the keyword by using free. 

Keyword Finding 

Keyword finding is the first step to our website top in the search engine. 

Is in Google many tools are available to the keyword finding that's best but you're still new start build the website so that here i suggest to you use free tools to find the keyword how to traffic available on this topic and all that. 

Starter blogger need to long tail keyword because of the if you've no traffic first time so long tail keyword is useful for the traffic and than if you've more traffic than you use short tail like Rose day, Kiss day etc. type of short keyword. 

Keyword finding is easy way but the still when we use that keyword the website editing so the Labels, search description, images description, tags  or other place also put keywords about your website article and main topics too. 

Choose Topic best 

You know what content is a king so first concentrate to set to the content what is your content. Is that is a unique or not first confirm and after confirm research keyword by using above free Google Keyword Planner and write unique, creative and high quality article and top of the Google search engine.

Search best topic there is low competition and search all about that what is using that point read in your notebook and everywhere.
Unique and best topic choose and than using the Google keyword planner and plane about that Topic how many traffic are there in a Month traffic wise search the keyword. Choose 3 or 4 keyword and labels and search description write that option. 

When you're searching the topic in the Google there is no of searches also in the below Like about 11,20,2000 is the number also in the search are available also there so many keywords are see there and low search you find keyword by using the long tail keyword e.g. How to find low competition keyword online 2021 like that and than search and choose topics by using this method. 

Before choosing topic compare competition level

You're stater blogger so the follow above rules and find low volume keywords and write that keywords topic your article after all that when you've better experience about the keyword and all that you paid Keyword finder also buy and research about that and better performance in your articles. 

Low competition keyword fast to the search engine. First search google of that topic and no of search engine topic searches no see and in the google search engine above are the YouTube videos in the top in the search engine so write above that Topic and post it, there is many chances to search engine. 

How Keyword finding is Important? 

When you choose this Website carrier so you want to more money earn that time traffic is important without traffic we can't earn money. 
And in the Website traffic, google Adsense and promotion are available and than you earn money by building the your business. 

When you earn more money? 
If you've traffic than you earn more money and that time keyword is important than people searches related topic and if you're write that topic and top of the google search engine that time visitors increase instantly and traffic more and earn more money. So that's why traffic is important. Figure out what i trying to say. 

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