How many Traffic in Website? How to see Visitors or they Organic or not?

How many Traffic in Website? How to see Visitors or they Organic or not?, How to check website Traffic?, Check website Traffic
How many Traffic in Website? How to see Visitors or they Organic or not?

 Dear People you know what when we start the there is How many Traffic (Visitors) in our website we ca check in a blogger Easily. But the still there is also we can see the How many "Organic Traffic" and "How many shared link traffic". If you are a starter blogger an don't know idea about that so read this article till the end and learn more about How to check Traffic Organic or not?  But the for the starting increasing traffic so there is one option is we have that is "Shared Link Social Media, Friends and other Place", When we increase Traffic so there is need to share link to the people. 

What is Organic Traffic?

Organic Traffic is the comes from the Google Visitors. When your published the Article and after submit in the Google Search console and rank that particular article and without share link there is traffic by the Article Ranking Traffic. Simply the Traffic from the Google Search engine is called Organic Traffic. 

Share Link Traffic

By the Name is Share Link Traffic. All meaning is in the Word share link traffic. For the Starter blogger or website builder it's too good for the article ranking, but still after getting Google Adsense Approved share link is Harmful and Google Gives Ads limit in the Google Adsense Account and when more than 3 Ads limit is there so Google Adsense ban your Google Adsense Account permanently. 

How to Check Website Traffic in Blogger Official Account, Follow below step and learn: 

1. In Blogger Account:

Step 1: Go to the Official Web page in the Blogger Account. And See the below screenshot and done the step. Click the "Stats" Option.

Step 2: After the completing Step 1 than next step is in the below screenshot see the next is there is no step but the Visitors result is there but the still other option is also explain for your Advantage purpose. 

If there you want to more Information Traffic Scroll Below and learn as you can see the below screenshot.You can see there Which Device use Windows, Iphone, Ipad, Android, Linux etc. And which country is highly see your website is also information when you scroll below. 

Check Audience

Visitors which Search engine use to read your website Articles details and Which device use people to visit your website all given information you can check in the percentage and Absolute numbers. As you can see the below Screenshot. 

Which location
Check location, We can check in the blogger which location you have traffic more. You check here in the Percentage type and absolute number. As you can see the below screenshot.

2. In Google Analytics Account: 

Now we turn the "Google Analytics" For the How many Organic Traffic and How many Outside share link traffic. But the first thing remember when you check Organic traffic and share link traffic you want to Create "Google Analytics" Account and submit there Your Official Website Link. 

In the Home page all given in simple language. "Google Analytics" is the easy to handle.

You also Count None, Organic and Referral Option is a just a Absolute number and Percentage. In the "Google Analytics" Also we can See the Traffic is country wise and in a number or percentage. See the below screenshot is.

Note: As compare to the Blogger Stats check in the "Google Analytics" is easy to understand and traffic, country, device is in more in more details as you can the Your "Google Analytics" Official Interface (In Web Page). 

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Conclusion: "How many Traffic in Website? How to see Visitors or they Organic or not?" Is this official Article all about the Website Traffic details Traffic and How to Check Traffic? Hope so is this Information you get helpful. Share link with your people, Doubt is in the below comment section. 

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