How to Increase Website Traffic?

 You .know what? All Bloggers and YouTubers want to traffic on the personal Website or YouTube Channel. Am i right? your answer send me in the Comment box. So today I'll share information about the Traffic booster. How to increase Traffic on the personal blog easy way but you need hardwork remember that without hardwork we can't successful is thing everywhere understand Okay that's why you one day successful i hope so

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So without get time waste we can start article How to increase Traffic? Or Traffic booster. Remember another thing you write blog only true and keep hardwork and also Share your all truth knowledge with people Okay.

1. Social Media 

It's the big platform to increase your traffic but remember thing after get Adsence you can't use the Social media like Facebook, WhatsApp etc.. Can't share link with anyone because when you share link Google Adsence users block your Website and you can't running the ads some time. You can use increase your traffic without Adsence.

Before Adsence Approved you use all the social networks for the increase traffic okay, and let your Adsence Approved that time you've only "Organic traffic" Okay Remember that. 

Use Social Networks 

  1. WhatsApp
  2. YouTube
  3. Facebook Groups, Pages etc.
  4. Twitter 
  5. Linkedln 
  6. Any other Social Networks 
All the Networks use and and increase your traffic Okay I hope you understand.

2.Question Hub 

Increase Traffic that can you use Question Hub it's the free site from providing Google. Free Site for the increasing traffic.

You Sing Up in the Question Hub site and related articles search on the Question Hub and Paste Site link in the Question Hub. 

And Google users search engine when search that time Questions also visible into the search engine and users click the link and visit your Website and Increase Traffic easily.

Every Articles related link search question and Paste Add button that can whenever Google users search helpful articles and they see question and click the question than visible your blog.

Look that it's the simple to increase Traffic everyone use this trick and get many traffic in your blog and make money by Google Adsence Okay. Thank you.

3.Google Ads 

Google Ads it's the work when you pay. It's Good idea but Highly amount to pay that's why increase traffic on your blog, Good idea but you've power of invest money.

Pay and get result you earn double money as compare to the invest money Okay it's say my own experience. Many users click the ads and we earn money by using the Google Ads to the pay some money and earn money Online.


Plane you SEO Friendly Blogger article and publish unique article on your blog, SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation ) your articles not only unique also helpful, and google ranked.

Choose best topic for the writing the blog that can Google visit your blog and many people visit your site. 

Easy and simple language use in your blog, Don't share complicated knowledge share complicated but simple language. 

When you write blog clean and fresh and unique content use in your blog. 

Upper Some Tricks share with you,When you want traffic and earn more money so that you use this tricks in your blog. And if you like this blog it's link share it with your friends and family also. Read careful and get advantage. Thank you.

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