Who is the owner of Asus company? Asus is a company from which country?

 Asus is a big company, it is a company of mobiles and laptops, most of its mobiles and laptops are used for gaming because good material is used in them for gaming, If you are into gaming then you must have heard about Asus company.

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Who is the Owner of Asus Company?

Asus company not only produces laptops and mobiles but also TVs, computers, monitors and many more.

Today we are going to know about this Asus company, Asus company is very popular because of gaming, Asus has made many products, but many people will not know that Asus is the owner of the company and Asus. which country the company is from?

Who is the Owner of Asus company?

The Asus company was founded by T. H Tung and Wayne Hsieh, M. T Liao, and Ted Hsu together on April 2, 1989.

This Asus company has been a successful company and it has contributed a lot to all of them, that is why today this company comes fifth in the field of computer electronics.

Samson Hu has worked hard behind the big success of Asus company, Asus company has achieved such great success under the supervision of Asus company. 

Questions and Their Answers 

You will have many questions related to Asus company in your mind, then I have answers to all those questions, you can see the questions and their answers below.

Q1) Asus company is a company of which country?

Ans- Asus company was started in Taipei City, Taipei, Taiwan which means it is a Taiwanese country company.

Q2) When was the Asus company started?

Ans- Asus company was started on 2nd April 1989.

Q3) Who is the CEO of Asus company?

Ans- Asus company CEO S.Y. Hasu And Samson Hu Here.

Q4) Where is the Headquarters of the Asus company?

Ans- Asus company headquarter is located in Beitou District, Taipei, Taiwan.

Q5) How many people work in Asus company?

Ans- Asus company employs more than 17,000 people.

Q6) What is the customer care number of Asus company?

Ans- 1800 209 0365

Note- If you have any Asus device and you face a problem with it, then you can contact the customer care number given above, and if you want information about any product then you can contact the Asus customer care number.

Q7) What does the Asus company make?

Ans- Asus company makes all the things given below

  • Laptops 
  • Computers 
  • Mobile Phones 
  • Desktop
  • Tablet Computers 
  • Servers 
  • Motherboards 
  • Graphic Cards 
  • DVD Disc Drives 
  • Computer Networking Devices 
  • Computer Cases 
  • Computer Cooling System
  • PDAs ( Personal Digital Assistance) 
  • Optical Storage 
Apart from this, the Asus company makes more things and they have started making robotic machines too, and we will get to see that robotic machines in the coming time, Some machines are used by the Taiwanese government.

So these were some questions related to Asus and the answers to all those questions, I hope you have understood these questions and answers, share this post.

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