Who is the owner of Mi company? Which country company is Mi from?

 Mi company, which you know by the name of the brand of mobile phones, Mi phones are used a lot and are very popular in the case of Mi mobiles. 

Mi has done a great job in the smartphone world and the mobile users of Mi company are very high, but do you know who is the owner of Mi company, and which country company is Mi company from?

If you do not have answers to all the questions related to Mi company, then in this post I have given all the questions and answers related to Mi, read this post till the end, share the post.

Who is the owner of Mi Company?

Who is the owner of Mi company? Which country company is Mi from?,General, Owner of Mi Company, Lei Jun is the owner of Mi Company, Owner of Mi Company
Owner of Mi Company ( Lei Jun) 

The owner of Mi company is Lei Jun, he started Mi company on 6th April 2010 and today Mi company has dominated the whole world because of its mobile phone.

Lei Jun did his studies at Wuhan University, and he started Mi (Xiaomi) company with 7 of his friends and in 2011 he made the first phone and after that, this company started to achieve success.

Apart from Lei jun, there are many people behind the Mi company whose names are Lin Bin, Zhou Guangping, Liu De, Li Wanqiang, Wong Kong-Kat, and Hong Feng All these people contribute to Mi company

Question and their Answers 

Mi company is a brand and many questions related to Mi company will be in your mind and I have all those answers, you should read the questions and answers given below.

Q1) When was Mi company started?

Ans- Mi company was launched on 6th April 2010.

Q2) Mi company is a company of which country?

Ans-  Mi company Beijing China I mean it is a Chinese company. 

Q3) Who is the owner of Mi company?

Ans- Lei Jun ( Founder, Chairman, CEO) 

Q4) Where are the Headquarters of Mi company?

Ans- Mi company headquarter is in Beijing China.

Ans- The CEO of Mi Company is Lei Jun.

Q5) Who is the CEO of Mi company?

Ans- The CEO of Mi Company is Lei Jun.

Q6) What is the customer service number of Mi company?

Ans- 1088 103 6286

Note- If you use anything of Mi and have any problem related to it, then you can talk to the company using this number, and if you are thinking of taking any new product of Mi, then details can come out from this number.

Q7) How many people work in Mi company?

Ans- More than 22000 people work in Mi company. 

Q8) What does Mi company make?

Ans- Mi company makes mobile phones, smart plugs, smart thermostats, smart bulbs, and many more. 

So you must have got answers to all the questions related to Mi company, I hope you have understood, Please Share the Post with your people. 

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