Who is the owner of Oppo and which country is Oppo from?

 You know the Oppo company, even I use Oppo's phone, so I know many things related to Oppo company, but do you know who is the owner of Oppo company and which country is Oppo company?

You are going to get the right information about Oppo in this post and you will find many questions related to Oppo company and answers to all those questions below, so read this post till the end and know all the information related to Oppo.

Who Owns OPPO? 

Oppo company is owned by BBK Electronics but the credit goes to Tonny Chen because Tonny Chen is the owner of Oppo and Cheng Mingyong started Oppo in 2004 in Dongguan China.

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Who is the Owner of OPPO?

Tonny Chen- Founder of Oppo and CEO. 

The owner of BBK Electronics Company is Duan Yongping and for your information, many mobile makers work under this company, in which mobile phones like Vivo, Realme and Oneplus come.

Questions and Their Answers 

There will be many questions in your mind related to Oppo company, so my job is to answer all those questions, you will find answers to many questions below, so definitely read till the end.

Q1) Where is the headquarters of Oppo?

Ans- The headquarter of Oppo is in Dongguan China.

Q2) Which company is Oppo?

Ans- Oppo was started in Dongguan China, which means Oppo company is a chains company.

Q3) Who is the owner of the Oppo company?

Ans- BBK Electronics ( DuanYougping )

Q4) When was Oppo company started?

Ans- Oppo company was started in 2004 in Dongguan China. 

Q5) How many employees work in Oppo company? 

Ans- More than 40000 employees work in Oppo company.

Q6) What is the customer care number of Oppo?

Ans- 1800 103 2777

Q7) Who is the CEO of Oppo?

Ans- Oppo's CEO is Tony Chen. 

These were some questions related to Oppo and their answers, I hope you have understood these questions and answers related to Oppo, you share this post.

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