What is Internet? Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet


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What is Internet?

I hope you must have used the Internet at some point in your life, if you are told about the Internet, you will get a lot of information.

What is internet, internet is a very big network where we can easily access anyone, if you have any doubt in your mind then if you search on internet then you will get a lot of information related to doubt.

Internet is a big place in our life, if we want some information, if we want to talk to someone, then we use internet.

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So you know "What is the Internet?" Now moving forward let's talk that it is very important to know about the advantages and disadvantages of internet.

Advantages of Internet

In today's modern world, everyone uses the Internet, but we are going to know about the benefits of the Internet.

  • With the help of internet, we can fill the payment of any bill sitting at home, you do not need to go anywhere, With the help of Credit and Netbanking, you can pay the bill of Mobile, Electricity, DTH and any online shopping.
  • You can talk to any person and company and get information about anything sitting at home, You can send and receive information about anything in the world sitting at home.
  • With the help of internet, you can talk in few seconds with the help of voice call, video call and email. 
  • You can work from home, there are many companies that provide facility to many people to work from home, so this is also an advantage of internet. 
  • Online Shopping- With the help of internet, you can shop for anything sitting at home, so that you do not need to go out of the house for anything.
  • With the help of internet one can shop online at cheap prices without any bargaining. 
  • Promote business- Business has also been encouraged with the help of internet, big companies of the world use internet to promote their business and many companies have also benefited a lot with the help of internet.
  • Online Job Information- If you are looking for a job, then with the help of online internet, you can find and apply for your job, There are many websites on the internet about jobs, which give very good information about jobs, with the help of internet you can find jobs online.
  • Earn Money OnlineYou can also earn money with the help of internet, you can earn good money by doing anything like blogging, YouTube, freelancing, affiliate marketing, online teaching. Learn More
  • Entertainment- In this modern day internet has become a means of entertainment in every home, if you talk about entertainment, you can watch TV Shows, Songs, Movies, web series, any thing with the help of internet.
You must have come to know what are the benefits of internet, apart from this there are many other benefits of internet, I hope you like the benefits of internet.

Disadvantages of Internet

If you use the Internet in daily life, then you know the benefits, but do you know what are the disadvantages of the Internet, if you do not know, then keep reading below, you will see the disadvantages of the Internet.
  • Internet a Waste of Time- Internet is beneficial for those who use the Internet for office work and for other things, but for those who make it their habit without any meaning, it is the biggest loss and a waste of time, We should use the internet according to the time.
  • Internet Payment- Internet is very expensive if you use internet without any means it is a waste of money for you, Many companies charge a lot for the Internet, so if the Internet is not used much, then you can use the Internet by taking a pack of less Internet.
  • Exploitation, Pornography- Some people exploit people by using internet, some people exploit any of their enemies with the help of internet and take unfair advantage, There are many websites on the Internet where there is obscenity(Pornography) and it is having a bad effect on the people, Obscenity websites are having a bad effect on young children
  • Hacking- There is a risk of virus coming from internet to mobile and any device and your device is more likely to be hacked, some people hack your important / personal information with the help of internet, this increases your chances of harm. Note- Stay away from hackers. 
  • Email, Spam and Ads- By stealing many personal information and people's email IDs from the Internet, many companies send fake emails, cheat, hack them.
  • Internet Addiction and Bad Health Effects- Internet sometimes becomes an addiction, whether it is an addiction to alcohol in the world or someone else's addiction is a very bad thing, and addiction is harmful to the body.Internet addiction causes a lot of damage to the body, such as pain in legs and arms, weight gain, pain in eyes and mental stress, there are many damages on the body.
I hope you all must have known what are the disadvantages of internet, if you also use internet without any means, then you should use internet less.


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