How to make money online for beginners?

 The world is amazing and many opportunities available in every single person's life. Hello, people so you're looking online earn money platform so you're on the right page according to me. 

Read this article till its end and learn more about the "How to Make Money Online" Every people want to independent person especially teenage peoples, More teenager asks sometimes questions "How to make money".

I Know It's common to question teenager's peoples because teenagers people have an attitude because of family problems and all that personals problems. Learn more read below and learn something new because this is a new and updated article. 

How to make money online for beginners
How to Make Money Online Beginners?


What is Blogging? First people have not Idea about Blogging so remember you're read current article is also one Blog. Blogging means, in short, a small website, If you don't know about that so quickly search on Google Right that time immediately results in front of you and you click any one topic and read the inner part right that is one blog or website. 

If their blog is also known as a website. Blogging is the first user is complicated but after some time it's also easy to make money. 

When we write the post in a blog post so after 30 to 40 Post are published after that People Applied website for the review to the Google Adsense and once Google Adsense Approved our website then you placing ads on your website and earn money. It's so simple.

How to Start a Blog? You see already the Internet there are many websites already publish right above topic News, Food, Education, Entertainment, etc. It's particular Niche called.

How many earn money from Blogging? 

On the Internet, there is many Blogger available. If you search for any information-related topic you get information. Minimum 40,000-50,000 normal people earn from Blogging. Top Blogger is Amit Agerval monthly 45 Lakh earn money from Blogging. 

Source- Google Adsense, Published Sponserd Posts, Guest Blogging, Paid Promotion, etc. 

Affiliate Marketing 

What is Affiliate Marketing? For the Great Affiliate and Full-time affiliate, carriers need traffic first on every website after that you earn money from the Affiliate marketing. 

Affiliate Marketing it's not an easy thing. If you want to learn and more earn an affiliate is one of the best ways. If you've Facebook Page, Instagram Page, Website (Unlimited Traffic ) Affiliate Marketing is only for you. 

Without Adsense when you want to earn money so you have a great and Big chance in Affiliate Marketing. Learn more about Affiliate marketing. 

How many earn money from Affiliate Marketing? 

This Affiliate Marketing platform is one of the Ways to a lot of earning more. The minimum amount is the range of 30,000 to 40, 000, And there is many Affiliate Marketer who earns lots of money range between 4 Lakh to 30 Lakh or sometimes more than using strategy. 

Source- Promotion Affiliate Product like software, Hosting, plans, etc. 


You already know about YouTube. Best free video updates here many YouTubers earn money from YouTube is the best way to earn money but little truth is hard work is a must in this platform and skill too. 

Script written +Record video  + Edit (Complicated )+ Intro Editing + Discriptions+ Last Strong Internet connection. Every single internet earn money need better Internet connection. 

Starting- There is a need for one Mobile Camera for the recording and editing application. After all done upload video on YouTube. Promote video with your friends or other social media. First target the audience what they like to watch and related topic select and written script and make video over the Topic. 

How many earn money from YouTube? 

Every single platform has competition but more money in every single platform. YouTube is one of the best platforms if you've skill, confidence, and believe in yourself. Earning depend on Niche ( Entertainment, technology, etc, Whatever), Views, Subscribers. 

How many earn money from YouTube. The range is 40,000 to 60,000 Normal people earn easily. 

But there are more YouTubers who earn 1 Crore or more than 1 Crore. 

Freelance/ Fiverr 

What are Freelance and Fiverr? More people have not idea about those both website but you know what Freelance and Fiverr is trusted and best website. If you looking to earn money platform and you've skills in writing, editing, Copyrighting, Video Shooting, Video editing many others. You can go and check what is available on their website. 

First, make a profile of what is a skill you have depending on skills. What is exactly you do and earn money. After complete profile and information after price range selected depending on you and your skills. 

How many earn money from Freelance/Fiverr? 

Many bloggers, YouTubers another video editing, or Hired writers and editor from Fiverr or freelance. If you have skills more so many hired for the works and depend on your works gives money. 

The price range is 50,000 to 60,000 depending on experience and skills or if you're professional so companies hired for the works and package is also more than 3 to 5 lakhs. 


This article talking about "How to make money online for beginners" On the Topic Make money. Every single teenager or all people wants to money and find ways to earn money. This article ways and How much earn money from that particular platform. 

Hope so this article you people get helpful and informative share this article link with your people. 

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