What is Dark Web? - Is it dangerous? How to access it?

What is Dark Web? - Is it dangerous? How to access it?, What is dark Web?, How does work dark Web?, What is the dark web? The dark web defined and explained,Technical Info.,

 Hey, people welcome back to another fresh and new article and the name of the Topic is "What is Dark Web? - Is it dangerous? How to access it?" It's just a topic Okay? Don't worry detailed information is provided below related to the Dark Web. More people have an idea about Dark Web but still, there are also people are there who must no idea about Dark Web. 

But don't worry in this article you're all related to the Dark web topic all doubts are clear, so what you have to do is read till it end and learn about Dark Web. 

We all use the internet equally, don't we think that whatever we see is the same internet, all of you people, every human in this world uses the internet so that life is simple and secure, that's why many more people We also earn money from the internet, there is nothing new in this, we all use the internet for chatting or for research, but everyone uses the internet, but have you ever thought how big is the internet? They think that what is on Google is the same internet, but it is not like that at all.

Internet is so big that you can't even imagine it, now you must have gone to the square after hearing this, that's why to read this article till the last and know everything about the internet so that you can tell your friends too.

Internet is divided into 3 things. 

  1. Surface Web 
  2. Deep Web 
  3. Dark Web 
The Internet is divided into 3 such things, its more information has been given to you in detail below, you must read it.

N1) Surface Web 

Now if you want to know what this Surface Web is, then let me tell you that we use the internet daily for information or any other thing that we find in Google, there is nothing new in this, calling it Surface Web, you use it every day.

The surface web that is there is of normal people like the ones we use. Look, if we have any doubt, then we use Google and YouTube, then the normal balance is equal, do you understand?

The website which is indexed in Google is indexed in the search engine. If you think you want any information, then you search on google, but the list of many websites comes, and the website that is on the surface web is made for normal people, then it is called Surface Web.

As our blog is other informational and entertainment, Downloading sites, Google has indexed on Google for general usage.

N2) Deep Web 

Now when it comes to Deep Web, what happens in it, we keep some information secret and some information is indexed on Google. If we do not index some information on Google ourselves, then we can read those things by opening them through Deep Web, so we can use this Deep Web.

So what happens in this is that we keep some information secret and want to show only for one person or a group, then you use Deep Web for this thing.

For example, we have to share a photo with an example on the website and only a few selected people can access that thing and if they want to see secret information or photos or any other thing, then by opening it through email and password. It can be seen that the Deep web is used like this.

So it is made according to the deep web security and only the selected people can open it and see it.

Now the third thing is What is Dark Web? - Is it dangerous? How to access it? Talking about Dark Web the Main topic is, Read the main topic about Dark Web. 

N3) Dark Web 

Now the main thing comes on the dark web, so we are going to talk about it, what is dark, how do we access it and we never came to know all the same things.

If you also know, which things are so wrong and which things are right, I will talk about it. Many people get many wrong questions about the dark web, but you guys should not take tension because of whatever it is all about.

Whatever you have read or heard from someone else, you believe that it is true, but what is true and what is a lie, all those doubts are getting cleared by you.

Some people believe that dark web is very big but there is nothing like this dark web is very small here only 2.5 lakh to 4 lakh website is on it, so you can imagine how many websites are bigger than our normal surface web. Big like how many websites are there on the surface web.

Some people also say that the Deep web and Dark web are the same but it is not like that at all, remember the deep web is that some secret thing is not to rank on google, that thing is in the deep web, and talk about the dark web. So you can access the dark web from a special browser named TOR Browser.

And it is not that you people cannot use it, you can easily use the dark web, if there is a website on the dark web and you want to see it, then there is no problem, you can open it and you just have TOR. Must have a browser. So don't ever think that the dark web is very big, it is a misconception.

Now it comes that if it is illegal to do dark web, then there is no such thing, it is a myth and nothing else. Anyone can use it normally.

Some people also say that the dark web is very difficult to use, so let me tell you, people that you can use the dark web easily like you use Google to see anything, in the same way, you can use the TOR browser. With the help of this, you can easily see and use it by searching there, it is open source and absolutely free, you can use it but only for good works.

And it is not only used for illegal work but some politicians and military also use it to transfer files for intelligence work so that that file is not in the hands of anyone.

Many people have been told that only wrong things happen on the dark web but it is not like that at all. Some people who are criminals or some are bad people, use more for communication so that no one can track them.

So why call it wrong? When you use it wrongly, do illegal things which are legally wrong, if you use it for wrong things, then you get jail or some big punishment, that's why this dark web has been called wrong, but when you If you use the dark web for right work, then no one will say it wrong, I hope you guys have understood about the dark web.

So these were all the things that many people would not know about you, if there are some other doubts, then you can comment below and ask is Okay. 


This article talking about "What is Dark Web? - Is it dangerous? How to access it?" What is dark Web and it's illegal or not all information here in this article. 

Hope so this article you people getting helpful and informative, if this article you people getting helpful and informative, Please share the article link with your people, spread love and happiness. 

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