How to Earn Money from Infolink in 2021?

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 How to make money without Adsense, Yes people in this article I'm gonna talking about the "How to earn money from Infolinks? and easy to get approved it's not hard to get approve on Infolink, But how is possible don't worry your doubt is clear in this article. 

If you people thinking- How to make money Without Adsense? 

Infolink is the alternative to Google Adsense website, Okay there is no difference but still, if you compare both Infolink vs Google Adsense, So guys according to me Google Adsense always wins in any Ads Network, but Google Adsense website monetization and approval any website is not an easy thing, Also sometimes we against Google Adsense policy and that's why also Google Adsense can't approve our website/blog and we get frustrated and search on Google "How to make money without Adsense?" Yes, guys I also search on Google, and now I get one chance to earn money from Infolink, It's the best Ads network but as compared to Google Adsense infolink is low. 

More people think if I have a blog/website so there is only one way to earn money and it's Google Adsense, Now forget it in the internet world there is more ads network and infolink is one of that Ads Network. 

So people if you are ready to earn money and frustrated with Google Adsense (Because or Rejection) so now your ways are normal and your way is going to succeed, Okay! But are you about Traffic, Right? Traffic is a must without traffic you also can't make money from Infolink because if you have traffic automatically you can earn money. 

Now, I'm telling about which is the best Ads Network of alternatives of Google Adsense (Including Google Adsense)

N1) Google Adsense

Google Adsense is always the best ad network. If you people earn money so Google Adsense is always best. Google Adsense is also a high-paying Ad network. 

All Ads networks are not trusted, Okay but there is only selected and trusted Ads network I'm going to review in short. And Google Adsense is the only best way to earn money if you have a blog/website. 

In Google Adsense, there are many facilities and need more organic traffic so that your earnings grow, Because if you convert social media traffic and all that so there is invalid traffic and google notice in your Adsense Account Ads limit, But Ads limit also we cal solve but 2-3 times more there is invalid traffic and google gives invalid traffic so there are more chances to block Google Adsense account. 

Not only the bloggers, YouTubers also earn money from Google Adsense and also taking promotions and paid reviews. Google Adsense is the hardest way ever because there are many privacy policies if you destroyed privacy policy so can't get approve Google Adsense. 

There is also one problem if you apply for the Google Adsense so remember Google Adsense more take times, Sometimes Google Adsense takes time 7 Days, or some times it takes 28 or more days. (Approx 1 Month) 

Payment Info. 

  • Payment threshold- $100
  • Payment Duration- In a month 
  • Payment Method- Through the Bank
Official Website- Google Adsense

N2) Media.Net 

Now the second-largest ad network is "Media.Net". If your blog/website is not approved by Google Adsense, so your N2 Way is Media.Net. It's also the best ads provider. 

If you place Media.Net ads on your blog so you can earn money from Media.Net. It's also a trusted and best website if you want the alternative of Google Adsense. 

But still, Media.Net is also the best ads provide, and but there is no easy to approve any website on Media.Net it's too much hard. 

If your traffic from us, Canada and another outside country to you get easily approve Media.Net. But still, there is also a privacy policy. Media.Net Created by Yahoo and bing, So that is trusted, But approve website is hard. 

Read- Media.Net Privacy Policy After take a decision 

If you apply from the Media.Net only in between 2 Days immediately reply from Media.Net, Website/Blog Approve or reject. 

But sometimes Media.Net also takes more time like 7 days or more than but still, according to me Media.Net is fast gives reply your form Approve or reject, I like this thing. 

Payment Info. 

  • Payment Threshold- $100
  • Payment Duration- Monthly 
  • Payment Method- Paypal and wire transfer 
Official Website- Media.Net

N3) Infolink 

Now the N3 is Infolink the main and our blog post article name too is "How to make money from Infolink?".  If your form rejects both the above ads network (1) Google Adsense (2) Media.Net so now the last and best option is "Infolink". 

Infolink is the best ever according to me, but there are too many ads this is a problem if your community is frustrated with infolink ads so there your community gets frustrated. But still, if you have traffic so infolink is the best ever. Infolink provides a 70% revenue share to the Publishers. 

Any types of blog/website easily approve by Infolink. 

Read- Infolink Privacy Policy  After take the decision to apply or not? 

If you apply Infolink so you get in between 2 Days instant reply from infolink, Approve or reject. 

But also if there is more load on Infolink website so takes more time 7 to 8 days or more sometimes. 

Note- Hope so you get N1, N2 and N3 these three high-paying Ads Network you get helpful and informative. 

Payment Info. 

  • Payment Threshold- $50
  • Payment Duration- 45 Days 
  • Payment Method- Paypal and eCheck 
Official website- Infolink 

Intro about our blog

Welcome people in this article, our blog provides information about Blogging tips, Movies and web series, technical info. and other more types of content daily updates here in this blog. 

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Blog name- Daredevil Blog (Easily you search "Daredevil Blog" so our website ranks first on top in Google search engine, easily you get this.) 

Now without wasting time, turn back with today's article Name is "How to earn money from Infolink?" 

This article talking about Infolink but still, there are more options also add because if Google Adsense and Media.Net you're applying is rejected so that you can apply Infolink, And according to me Infolink gives your website approved and after you can easily place ads and earn money through the Infolink. 

Infolink also provides 70% of revenue to the publishers so as you can see when you provide ads of Infolink so How many you can earn from Infolink. 

5 Types Ad style available is there. 

  • Intext 
  • Infold 
  • Intag 
  • Inframe 
  • Inarticle 
Also, you choose colors as you want or based on your theme color. 

How to Open an account in Infolink? 
Go with this link- Infolink.

After clicking this link as you can see below that type interface in front of you and simply paste your Website URL. 

After pasting your website URL that you sign up with your G-mail ID or if you're active on Big social media Facebook so by using a Facebook account easily sign up and create an account and apply for Infolink. 
If you apply for this Ad network immediately you get an email or your account and after 2 days or sometimes 7 to 8 days your website monetize or not that reply is provided by E-mail. 

Also after approved your form, you can customize Ads on there.
After approval, there is also one option also we have and that is the "Infolinks referral Programme" and get 10% revenue you can earn. Easy to add widget and placed banners with the link and publish or your website/Blog. 

As you can see in the above image and see Below is also provide a referral link place and earn a 10% commission. 

There are many features in this Ad Network? 
  • 5 Types of Ad styles are there e.g. Intext, Infold, Intag, Inframe, Inarticle, etc. 
  • Any types of banners also you can place with a referral link. 
  • You can choose the ad color also. 
  • The daily report gets by E-Mail. 
  • Easy to withdraw your payment by Paypal and eCheck 

This article is talking about "How to Earn Money From Infolink?". This infolink is an alternative to Google Adsense. You know what there are many ways to monetize any website but still according to Infolink is also the best Ad network. 
Hope so you people understand how to apply and related information about Infolink. If this information you people get helpful and informative so please share article link with your people. 

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