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 Yes, Guys in this article I'm going to talking about "Which is the best web series of 2021?" and it's not an official opinion, it's my opinion and according to me which is the best web series and must watch recommended or not that thing I'll discuss in this article. 

Hello so again welcome back to another article and the name of the website is "Daredevil Blog".  Which are the best web series and must-watch web series I'm going to talking about, Okay! 

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Yes, so without wasting time let's start today topic is "Which is the best web series of 2021?" 

Web series name- Money heist 

Yes, guys as you know this web series is all-time famous in the whole world. More people like this web series. 

According to me in the whole world 94% of people like this web series. This article is all about details with release next date season 5 and all related information facts and another knowledge update here, Okay so stay connect till its ends. 

Character Names- Real Name 

The Professor- Alvaro Morte 

Tokyo- Ursula Corbero 

Rio- Miguel Herran 

Raquel- Itziar Ituno 

Denver- Jaime Lorente 

Berlin- Pedro Alonso 

Moscow- Paco Tous 

Nairobi- Alba Flores 

Monika- Esther Acebo 

Helsinki- Darko Peric 

Arturo Roman- Enrique Arce  

Alicia Sierra- Najwa Nimri  

Marsella- Luka Peros 

Bogota- Hovik Keuchkerian 

Alison Parkour- Maria Pedraza 

Sorry, I can't take all character's names. But I thank all the characters they play an important role in this "Money Heist" web series and entertain all the worldwide public, Thanks a lot. 

 Also, there is many characters are play role in the Money heist web series. Above some characters based on city names because of professor says real names can't be allowed in the heist and that's why. 

Professor says- We don't want personal love and relationships to this big money heist. 

Money heist short story- In this, a mastermind the professor plans about a heist and forms a team and heist in the royal mint bank and print money and with all kinds of weapons and certain abilities he team goes to the royal mint of Spain and print crores or money. 

Related information about web series 

Original Network on Money heist streaming- Antena 3 (Running time Antena 3- 66-77 Minutes) 

Where is available this web series- Netflix (Paid streaming) 

Total number of seasons- 4 

Total Episodes in this web series- 23 

  • In 1st season- 13 Episodes 
  • In 2nd season- 10 Episodes 
  • In 3rd season- 8 Episodes 
  • In 4th Season- 8 Episodes 

Total rating of this web series- 8.3/10

Genre- Action, Thriller, Crime 

First Episode release date- 2nd May 2017 

When released year- 2017

Web series Running time- 41-59 Minutes  (On Netflix) 

Production Locations- Spain, Itlay, Thailand Panama 

Who has created this web series- Alex Pina 

According to rating and according to my personal opinion this web series is outstanding, this "Money Heist is in my life always great and up ever and forever but don't what decide future. 

If any other production company releases something new and adorable web series other time so I can't say but now in the year 2021 Money heist is always on top. 

Yes Now talking about the "Money Heist theme song?" 

After watching this web series you can definitely sing this song.  This song is definitely like you this song is also streaming on YouTube and also available on Netflix in between web series. 

Name of this song title- Bella Ciao 

After watching this web series you can find this song on YouTube that's why I place a link above it's easy to help, Or many people download this ringtone version and set it in your Mobile ringtone. 

If you want also set a ringtone so download this Bella Ciao Ringtone.

If you people can't believe me so you also can search on Google and check reviews. Below I provide a screenshot too from Google so also you can check. 

Google Money heist Review

Many times you can see in the thumbnail of the Money heist, Right and there is also some written like "La Casa de Papel(The House of Paper)" Right? But you what it's in Spanish 

In English- In Spanish 

Money heist- La Casa De Papel (The House of Paper) 

Where is heist - Royal Mint of Spain (The Bank of Spain) 

Now, What is trending related to the Money heist? 

When release this web series on Netflix? 

Ans-2nd May 2017 

How to free Watch this web series?- (Read article

Now Season 5 Volume 1 Trailer is out 4 Days before 

Money heist season 5 official Release date- 3rd September 2021


 Yes, This article is talking about the Money heist review. I too much like this web series and what I'm thinking about this web series and related some information add in this article. 

"Which is the best web series of 2021?" in this article you people have clear and in now in your mind, no any other doubts, Hope so. 

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"Money Heist" Season 5 Release Date- 3rd September 2021 

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