How to get traffic 132K in just a Month [Practically]

 Yes, Know it's a big number 180K but you know what it is possible if you have the ability to hard work but still, this way is good and easy but you need some hard work with patience. 

How to get traffic 132K in just a Month

180K traffic we get easily in just a month for a lifetime if you work regularly. 

What is that Way? 

Ans- The Ways is Quora website/ App. 

Yes, I'm talking about the quora website this website is popular for Question answers. You can share your question with people if any person knows of that particular question immediately give an answer to that particular question. 

Quora is giving an opportunity to promote yourself any like website, YouTube Channel, Affiliate marketing. Here on this website many questions related to your article or some question about the best affiliate products. You can share links to that particular affiliate product. 

Any type of questions you can search and gives answers and increase traffic or sales. If you write about the Blogging and SEO search-related questions and publish your answers and as per that particular questions related answer you already publish an article on your blog so give link in the below, You get traffic from Quora and one backlink too. 

Search question as per your knowledge if you interested in Affiliate marketing publish your article on quora related to Affiliate marketing. 

Few precautions about Quora Website/App

  • Don't give a link more than 3 in one Answer.
  • First, try to publish your article without a link 
  • Don't copy and paste 
  • If you use a downloaded image from google Gives credit because if you can't give credit your answers deleted after some days. 
  • Use proper language 

You need some precautions about the Quora website If you can't above precautions your answers are deleted and 0 Traffic on your answer. 

Quora website is more popular on search engine almost 300 Million people monthly active on this quora platform. 

More creators affiliate links provide here and generate more sell from this Quora platform, Yes it's true. 

Regular you can give answers on quora questions make sure your traffic increase fast. Write unique, powerful, effective answers it's best for content views. Quora helps to increase your website traffic. 

Benefits of Quora Platform 
  • Best for the organic traffic, and backlink 
  • Chance to generate products sell 
  • If your products sell on Amazon you can promote them here 
  • Quora Provide a targeted audience

Alexa ranking- 359 in the whole world 

Now we going with practical with the screenshots, See the screenshots and see this is real traffic. 

Quora Traffic

As you can see the above image is there is content views is 170.3K right and as you can see the Month traffic (Content views) is 132.7K right. If you any article below add your Blog article link almost out of 130K people more than 50K people check out the link and you get much more traffic. 

So now you can think about quora, If you start qroura you traffic automatically increase and a better backlink also done. 


In this article all about the How to get traffic 132K traffuc just a month? Now abive article talking about all that hope so you people clear about all that. 

If this article you get helpful, informative so please share article with your people and blogger or YouTuber friend and increase your Subscribers and views on your Blog and YouTube Channel. 

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