Common Keyboard shortcuts keys.

  Hey, Guys are you looking shortcut for a computer. This article talking about Shortcuts read till its ends and uses shortcuts in your Laptop and Computer shortcuts to save your time. 

There are many shortcuts in Laptop and computer but below some very useful shortcuts are given use and save your time and work fast. 

keyboard Shortcut and combinations key are most important if you want to fast complete your work because any time can't use the mouse everywhere. 

Common Keyboard shortcuts keys.

Shortcuts/ Combination keys 

Ctrl + C = Copy 

Ctrl+ V = Paste 

Shift + Any Alphabet  = For the Alphabet big or Small 

Windows = Open Window

Alt + F4 = Shut Down, Sleep, Restart ( Close the currently active program)

Windows+ M = Screen minimise 

Alt + Tab = Recents tabs ( Switch between Open programms ) 

Ctrl + O = Open 

Ctrl + S = Save 

F1 = Help Information 

F2 = Rename any seleceted file 

F5 = Refresh any current programme 

Ctrl + N = New Document/ Blank 

Ctrl + A = Select all 

Alt + Enter = Open the properties selected item 

Ctrl + Esc = Open Start menu


Ctrl + Shift + Esc = Open windows task manager 

Ctrl + P = Print Any document 

Ctrl+ K = Insert hyperlink selected text 

Ctrl+ Z = Undo 

Ctrl + Y = Redo 

Ctrl + X = Cut 

F11/ Windows logo key + Up Arrow = Maximise Window 

Windows + Tab = Task view 

Windows+ D = Switch between open apps ( Show or Hide Desktop ) 

Windows + X = Shutdown options 

Windows + L = Lock your PC 

Windows + PrtScr = Capture Screenshot 

Windows  + Left Arrow/  Windows + Right Arrow= Snap Windows 

Windows + I = Open Setting 

Windows + S = Search Windows 

Windows + C = Start Talking to the Cortona 

Windows + Ctrl + D = Add new Virtual Desktop 

Ctrl + F = Find 

Windows + Space = Selected written Language 


This article talks about the "Common Keyboard Shortcut Keys ". Now this time in the world more competition and every single person learn about computer knowledge for a job or any other time too. Computer knowledge is everywhere want and that time shortcut keys important role play. 

Hope the article is informative and helpful for you people. If this information you people get helpful and informative so copy the link and simply paste type message and share with your people, Increase knowledge. 

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