How to image rank on Google search engine [ Updated 2021 ]

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How to image rank on Google search engine [ Updated 2021 ] 

You search any in Google like Google Morning Images, Good Night images, and more people go in Images section and there are more images are available there, so that type images but related to our blog article type how to rank in Google search engine? How images work in Google search engine.

Today in this article talking about the “How to rank images in Google search engine?” hope so you’re ready to learn about this topic. It’s easy but you need to follow few tips and you link to add in the Google search console.

If your niche related to Blogging and SEO so there is one article on Google AdSense topic so there are many people search about Google AdSense and go in Image section and which images still available there click and go through that particular image website and visit and get more impressions and get more traffic of website.

Some people also talking about that “Google can’t read Images” But still you can add Alt tag, Meta tag, Description so definitely that typed text add Google and rank your Images on Google Images section.

More people go through the Image section and click any image if you have an article that particular top searches so your article also in Google search engine and get more traffic.

I have some proof about Google Images report read this article till its ends you see how many impressions I got from the Google Images section only.



If you search on Google “Daredevil Blog” So you get result on Top our official website is on Google. If you click on the Image section there are more images clear about our website what is provide and all?

See the below screenshot is about our website.

Oops Sorry, Now we are talking about the How to Rank images on Google search engine with live, practically screenshot. Read till it ends because more steps are given below.

As you can see below our website few images rank on the images section of Google.

Daredevil Blog Images

If you search How to open a cybercafe? and go to the Images section there is a rank or image. as you can see in the below image. 

Search on google how to open cyber cafe

How to rank Images in Google search engine?

Step 1

If you write your article on Blogger or WordPress and next is Article need one Image. Create and edit your Images better Okay.


Step 2

Now the 2nd step is After save your image go through the website Tiny PNG and compress your image.


Compress image file- Tiny PNG

Step 3

Now the 3rd step is After the complete process of compress the file next is to download that particular image and upload in the article.

 After complete, the compressing process then the Download option in the interface click the download option as you can see below image.

Compress image file

Step 4

After download, the image, Add this image to your Blog article and publish it. 

Your image definitely, after some days rank on the Google Images section check and try in your Blog. If your image provides quality definitely your article is on the Google Images section.


Above some simple steps, you have to follow in every single article and publish on your article also in the Image Alt tag, meta tag and description add and publish an article on your blog. 

After publish article copy link and go google search console website and submit url of that particular blog article. 


Hope so you people are understand How to Image rank on Google search engine? If you are not understand so read one time more and learn how to rank Image on Google search engine and increase traffic because it's most iportnt if you want traffic on your Website. 

It's basic but still more people have no idea about that and that's why i share my knowledge with those people. 

If this article you people get helpful and informative share article with your people. 

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