Harmful Android applications for the mobile phone [ Security and privacy ]

 Hello, people welcome the new article now in this article talking about the Harmful applications. There are many harmful applications you know what harmful applications we download sometimes and mobile too hand the reason is because of harmful Apps download in the Mobile. 

In the Play store many Apps fake and listed only to earn money and other intention Please check out the reviews and ratings after downloading the Apps. 

Android phone is too easy to hack and hackers use this trick to hack the phone. Username, email, and password takes and then hack all the information. Even if you have the best website more traffic websites also hack by hackers, so guys please stay alert every time with your mobile or gadget. 

Sometimes we download the Harmful application in this article below list is given of which applications can't download on mobile. 

Harmful Apps


When you harmful Apps download or any worst website open in the laptop or Mobile so because of that particular code using hackers hack your phone camera laptop camera easily so stay Alert every time with your mobile phones and Laptop. 

Always shut down the laptop and close the desktop plate and keep it in a safe place. If the Laptop screen is up and the harmful link you have click already so hackers see you every time is the flix. 

After they use the Camera yours if you changing the clothes or other time you're relationship or record your tape and then they people easily upload that particular click on Internet or blackmail you after that then what can you do your life is worst than think deep and stay alert is a thing very dangerous for the future. 

If you think you're safe every time the above things are done with you. Don't click fake links or download unsafe harmful Apps and videos. 

Privacy and Security 

You Know what, Privacy and security best in the Apple Phone and computer.  But instead of you're android user please stay alert. 

Harmful Apps harm you and your phone privacy and policy. You can download the harmful applications your all data hack by the hackers. 

Privacy is always a must because in the Mobile phone many applications are there for the payment of check the money and when mobile hack the phone all data together with all information to a hacker. That's always staying alert with your mobile phone and Laptop to keep privacy safe. 

Harmful Applications List 

1. Exploration Lite: Wintercraft 

2. Addon GTA For Minecraft PE 

3. Temple Crash Jungle Bandicoot 

4. Draw Kawaii 

5. Free WIFI Connect 

6. Five Nights Survival Craft 

7. WIFI Security Master- WIFI Analyzer Speed test 

8. Master WIFI Key 

9. Call recorder 

10. Share it 

11. Smart Swipe 

12. AIMP

13. Skanvord 

14. NeoNeonMiner 

15. Block Strike 

16. QR Code free scan 

17. QR Scanner pro 

18. Antivirus Security 

19. TV Antivirus Free: Process Virus 

20. ntivirus virus cleaner- Security Applock 2017

21. Smart Antivirus 

22. Antivirus Clean 

23. Speed Booster- Memory Cleaner & CPU Test Manager 

24. AppLock Privacy Protector 

25. Virus Cleaner Antivirus 2017- Clean Virus Booster 

26. Trucaller 

27. WeChat 

28. Mi Store 

29. DU Battery Saver 

30. DU Cleaner 

31. DU Privacy 

32. QQ International 

33. QQ Music 

34. QQ Mail 

35. QQ Player 

36. QQ NewsFeed 

37. Selfie City


In this article, you already read about Harmful Apps. Uninstall the harmful Apps and keep safe your mobile and PC. Keep safe payment and money. 

If this information you people get helpful and Information keep share article link with your people and spread love and respect, Stay safe with your family. I'll try to give my best in every single article. 

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