26 Questions related to Computer and Internet

 Every single people know about the Computer. What is Computer you already learn about that but in this fresh article all about Computer-related questions? More questions are there related to computer international level or any level sometime in the interview many questions asks that time help those below questions.

26 Questions related to Computer and Internet

26 Questions Related to Computer and Internet 

1. When Computer Literacy Day is celebrated?

Ans- 2 December 

2. Which Country uses the most of use computers? 

Ans- America 

3. Which part called the computer brain? 

Ans- CPU (Central Processing unit) 

4. Who's invented WWW? 

Ans- Tim Berners lee, Robert Cailliau both together. 

5. WWW Invented year 

Ans- 1989

6. Which two Popular Output devices?

Ans- Monitor, Printer instead of another output device also use like plotter projector speaker mouse, etc. 

7. The Medium of output is?

Ans- Printer 

8. Who's Invented laptop? 

Ans- Invented laptop name is Adam Osborne 

9. Which is a first electronic computer 

Ans- First electronic comuter is ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer)

10. Microprocessors which generations used of computers? 

Ans- Generation- Fourth Generation computers 

11. LCD Full Form?

Ans- LCD-Liquid Crystal Display 

12. OCR Full form?

OCR- Optical Character Recognition 

13. WWW Full Form?

Ans- WWW- World wide web 

14. USB Full form?

Ans- USB- Universal Serial Bus 

15. What are full-form RAM and ROM? 

Ans- RAM- Random and access Memory, ROM- Read-only memory 

16. Father of Computer science?

Ans- Father of computer science is Charles Babbage 

17. Which device used for modulation and demodulation signal?

Ans- Modem is used for the device modulation and demodulation signal.

18. Vacuum Tubes which computer generation used?

Ans- Generation- First generation Computer

19. Who is the founder of Hotmail?

Ans- Founder of Hotmail is- Sabeer Bhatia 

20. Junk E-mail also called what?


21. Which is the First Calculating device? 

Ans- Abacus is the first calculating device 

22. What is Pendrive?

Ans- Pendrive is electronic memory. Pendrive provide more storage for the Images, Video, audios, and documents or other stores easily. Pendrive is the one portable universal serial bus Flash memory that stores any type of data.

23. Which word is used for calculating? 

Ans- Calculating word is Byte. 

24. What is URL (https://www HTTPS? 

Ans- URL is the protocol. Https full form is Hypertext tranfer protocol 

25. Who is invented E-mail?

Ans-Email invented- Raymond tomlinson

26. Full form of HTML?

Ans- HTML- Hyper Text Markup Language 


The article provides 26 questions related to computers and the Internet. I have to try to give my best in this article above some questions asks in the interview or another job-related question. 

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