How to Make Money on Instagram with 1000 Followers?

 You can earn money from Instagram, but today I am going to tell you everything in this article about what you have to do on Instagram, if you have an account on Instagram and you have more than 1000 good followers then today's article is only for you people. That's why stay connected to this article till the end and learn to earn money from Instagram.

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Make Money from Instagram? 

Today everyone in the whole world is using social media to earn money, for entertainment, and if you also use social media and you do not know that money is earned with the help of Instagram? No problem, today you will get answers to every question related to Instagram in this article today.

What is Instagram? 

The first question that will come to your mind is what is Instagram? So Instagram is a soil media where daily people publish photos, videos, reels, IGTV videos daily.

Instagram is a social media and it was launched in 2010, Instagram has been created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, but according to the increasing popularity of Instagram, Facebook completely bought Instagram in 2012 and Facebook has the right to Instagram.

While publishing your photos on Instagram, you can also edit your photos by using filters from Instagram.

If we talk about the version of the old Instagram, then in comparison to the first, I have now had a lot of development on Instagram Instagram, you have got updates in filters, reels, stickers, what you are promoting, and many more things.

I hope you have got the right information about what is Instagram, now without wasting time let's move forward and know, how to earn money from Instagram.

How to Make Money on Instagram? 

Paid Promotion 

There are many companies on the Internet that give some users a chance to earn money, and those companies choose those people who have good followers, those people who have good views, likes, companies to promote their products. Gives them a chance and gives them money instead of promoting me. 

If you also have good followers on any social media, except you put good content, then you will also get a chance to do paid promotion and you can also promote the products of any companies.

There are many models, celebrities, informational pages on Instagram, they earn millions and millions of money by promoting products in the same way, so if you have followers then you can also earn money.

Affiliate Marketing 

You can also do affiliate marketing, it is very easy to do affiliate marketing, just you should know how to promote any affiliate products, Do you know what is affiliate marketing, if you do not know then click on the link and know What is Affiliate Marketing and How to do it?

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What is Affiliate Marketing? 

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You must have come to know about what is affiliate marketing, read the above post, and know how to do perfect affiliate marketing.

In Affiliate Marketing, by promoting any affiliate products on your Instagram, if your followers buy affiliate products by clicking on the link given by you, after that you get commission according to some percentage, by doing this you make money by doing affiliate marketing. can earn. 

Sell Photos 

If you like to do photography and you take photos, then you can sell your photos with the help of Instagram for a good price, You can take photos in any way, just one thing you have to remember, let the photos be good, attractive and awesome, people should like your photos and many companies will give good price to your photos.

Just you have to remember one thing, if you want to have a watermark on the photos you have taken, otherwise many people steal the photos and publish them on your account, you have to pay attention to this.

Sell Instgram Account 

If you have good followers on your Instagram account and you want to sell that account, then you can sell that account and earn good money, according to your followers, you will get the price if there are more followers then your account will be sold in money if If you have less followers then you will get less money.

Followers matter to sell accounts on Instagram and to earn good money if the followers are good, then the value of the account goes up to millions.

Sell Own Products 

You can also sell your own products with the help of Instagram, you can also do your own business on Instagram, if you want to sell mobile, then you can post it by taking a photo of it and correcting all the things related to it. If someone likes that mobile, then those people will contact you through mobile number and from Instagram, similarly, you can also sell your own products.

If you have your own shop then you can sell those things online too, this is a very good idea to earn money.

Frequently Asked Questions 

N1) How much money can you earn with the help of Instagram? 

Ans- With the help of Instagram, you can earn good money, but for this, it is very important for you to have good followers, if you do affiliate marketing, then the product you are promoting should reach more and more people, it will increase the sell, So how much money you can earn, it totally depends on the followers.

If you have good followers then you can earn good money by promoting the brand and taking sponsorship.

How much money on how many followers

Number of Followers        Price per Post 

10K- 20K                            5000- 20000

20K- 50K                            20000- 35000

50K- 100K                          35000- 55000

100K- 300K                        1 Lakh 

500K+                                 2 Lakh 

As you see above, your followers matter a lot, if you have more followers then you can ask for good money to promote the products.

N2) Who makes the most money on Instagram?

Ans- If you use Instagram then you must know that the most followed angle is, then the most followed man on Instagram is Cristiano Ronaldo, he is a Potugis football player and he makes the most money with the help of Instagram earns. 

You will be surprised to know that Cristiano Ronaldo charges more than 11 crores for a post on Instagram.

In short- Cristina Ronaldo earns the most money from Instagram

N3) Who do you follow the most on Instagram? 

Ans- Cristiano Ronaldo ( Portuguese Football player) 

N4) How long does it take to create an Instagram Account?

Ans- You can create your Instagram account in just 3-5 minutes, it's very easy, and phone number, email ID is all it takes to create an account.

Video Credit- Praveen Dilliwala 


In this article, we learned about Instagram, how to earn money with the help of Instagram, and many more things go to this article, if you are on Instagram and you are wondering how to earn money with the help of Instagram, then this The article is only for you people, definitely take advantage of it.

I hope you have liked this article, if you have benefited from this article, then you must share this article with your people, thank you for visiting the blog and reading the article. 

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