How to Make Money from Amazon?

 Hello and welcome back to another article and the name of the article is "How to Make Money from Amazon?" more people have an idea How to earn money from Amazon but about ways no ideas so in this article we talking about Ways and how to make money from amazon. 

Amazon is a big shopping platform, I hope that at some point you have also shopped from Amazon and if I tell my story, I have also asked for products from amazon many times and this is a trusted website for shopping for anything else. It is a good thing that orders are delivered very quickly.

Affiliate Marketing 

Amazon Affiliate

Basically, what is this affiliate, you recommend products to people and when any people buy products from your affiliate link, then you get a commission from the company, it is called affiliate marketing.

Amazon is a very good platform to earn money, you just have to know the way and there is a way "Amazon Affiliate" with the help of this you can make good money, just you have a Facebook page, Instagram page, YouTube, Blog/website in any way. There should be a platform to promote the product, with the help of which you can give product affiliate links.

Now know What are the Benefits of Affiliate Marketing? because it is very important to do affiliate marketing.

What are the Benefits of Affiliate Marketing?

  • With affiliate marketing, you can earn good money by generating good sales and this is the biggest issue of affiliate benefit.
  • By affiliate marketing, you can keep people connected, give good reviews and create a good relationship between people. 
  • You do not need to take approval from the Amazon affiliate program, only with a Gmail account and password, you can participate in this program and earn money by generating sales.
  • You can share your link anywhere, but it is very important to do link placement where people can see link placement at the same place.
  • There is no fee to participate in the Amazon Affiliate program, it is absolutely free, only you have to create an account.
  • It is not necessary to have a website for Amazon affiliate marketing, you can participate in the Amazon affiliate program even without a website, but promotion must have a Facebook, Instagram page so that your link reaches the people.
These were the benefits of some affiliate programs, so I think you should also participate in the Amazon affiliate program and earn money from it.

Join Affiliate Programme 

(1) To participate in the Amazon Affiliate Program, you need to sign up, then click on the link- Join Amazon Affiliate 

(2) Now you will have the interface of amazon affiliate, now what you have to do is to click on the "Sign Up" option.

(3) Now you will see two empty spaces, you have to enter the Gmail id above and password below, click on "Sign In".
(4) And you have to fill in further general information and join, after that you can search any product from there and share it anywhere by taking a link.

I hope you guys would have got the right information about amazon affiliate marketing, if you got it, then definitely tell me in the comment section.

Sell Own Products 

Sell Own Products

Now there is another way and its name is "Sell Own Products" so you can sell any of your own products on amazon and earn money from it, just a little keyword research is necessary because if keywords are put equal then products in front of people quickly. and goes to the top

Many people want to do their own business or business of selling products but the shop is not available, but on Amazon, you can sell your products for free, only after buying the products, amazon takes some money from you.

What are the benefits of selling your own products?
  • There is a chance to sell products all over the country, this is a very good opportunity so that many people are earning a lot of money by taking advantage of it.
  • Millions of customers reach your products with a simple click and buy in a single click.
  • There is no need to pay any money to sell any of your products on Amazon because it is absolutely free, you can sell any of your products.
  • You only have to pay some money to amazon after selling the products.
I hope that if you sell products, then what are the benefits to you, so if you are ready then you can list your products by creating an account on amazon.

Join Own Products Sell 

 (1) If you want to sell products on Amazon then click on the link given below- Join Own Products Sell 

(2) You will get the option of "Start Selling" below in front of you, click on it.

(3) You have to give some name of your company and business, which you can give according to you as if I have a blog, then I would write "Daredevilblog".

(4) And moving forward, Amazon will ask for your Phone Number, you have to give it and it will send OTP to your number, verify it.

(5) After filling in all the information, you will get the option of product listing and you can list your own products, sell all over the country and earn money from amazon.

I hope you guys would have got the right information about Own Products Sell, if you got it, then definitely tell me in the comment section.


Today we talk about "How to Make Money from Amazon?" It is easy to earn money from Amazon, but you will also have to work hard so that you can sell more and more products, for this it is very important to promote the products.

Hope so this article you people get helpful and informative, If this article you people get helpful and informative please share the article link with your people. 

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