Who is the Owner of Samsung and Which country is Samsung Company?

 Hello and Welcome back to another article and the name of Today's article is "Who is the Owner of Samsung and Which country is Samsung Company?" You know what Samsung is a big brand there no doubt. 

If you people must be using mobile phones, then it cannot happen that you do not know about Samsung. Samsung makes Mobile Phones, Laptops, Tablets, and many more products all over the country, even Apple also takes a lot of parts from Samsung for manufacturing its mobile.

If told in the mobile world, then many Samsung products are used a lot. People also like to use the Samsung brand because this phone is something else special.

So moving forward, who is the owner of Samsung company?

Who is the Owner of Samsung Company? 

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Talking about the owner of Samsung Lee Byung Chul is. Lee Byung Chul is the founder of Samsung and it was started in 1938. Lee Byung Chul was born on 12 February 1910.

He is considered a successful businessman in the whole world, if I tell the owner of Samsung, then he is a great businessman, just like Ambani is called a successful businessman in India.

lee Byung Chul is from a South-Korean and he has a great contribution to make Samsung but his death on 19th November 1987 again this company did not stop there are many people in his house, all of them together are running this company.

Friends Samsung is one of the biggest company in the world and the business of this Samsung is spread in 74 countries all over the world, from this you can guess how big a brand Samsung is.

If we talk about the ranking, then it is situated at number 8 in the whole world, according to the data of 2020.

Which country's company is Samsung?

Now moving forward let's talk about which country's company Samsung is. Lee Byung Chul is a resident of South Korea and he invented this company in South Korea itself, that's why it is a South Korea company, now you can easily say that this is a South Korean company and its headquarter is located in Seoul, the capital of Korea.

I hope that you will not have any question in your mind about which country Samsung is a company, if you have any question then you can tell me in the comment section below.

Who is the CEO of Samsung Company? 

Now moving forward, let's talk about who is the CEO of Samsung, so right now there are 3 CEOs of Samsung, Kim Hyun Suk, Koh Dong-Jin and Kim Ki Nam, these three people are the CEOs of Samsung.

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