Who is the Owner of Disney + Hotstar, Which Country is this Company?

 Hello and welcome back to another article and the name of the article is "Who is the Owner of Disney + Hotstar, Which Country is this Company?" you're already a user of Disney+ Hotstar. You know what more people get paid subscriptions for a cricket match, Football, or other entertainment shows. Basically, Disney+ Hotstar is an OTT (Over the Top) platform and provides Movies, Web series, Sports, News, etc. 

This OTT platform is very popular like Netflix and there is a reason for it to be popular. There are very good web series and movies on Netflix, since then this OTT platform is very popular.

What is Disney+ Hotstar? 

Disney + Hotstar is an OTT platform, it provides sports as well as news, movies, web series to the people, basically, it is an entertainment platform from where you can enjoy watching anything.

Now it was the time of Corona, then all the people were getting bored in their house, then this entertainment platform has benefited a lot. After Netflix, if the most used OTT platform is Disney+, many people use this OTT platform.

This Hotstar was launch on 11 February 2015 and after that, on 3 April 2020 Disney+ had a collab with Hotstar, for in the present time the name of Disney+ Hotstar is very popular all over the world.

Disney+ Hotstar is very popular all over the world, provides movies and web series in different languages. It is very popular in India, Canada, Singapore, Indonesia, the united kingdom, and the united states and here you get to see movies and web series in 9 different languages.

When did Disney+ Hotstar launch in the United States, Canada- 4 September 2017

The United Kingdom- 13 September 2018

I hope, what is Disney + Hotstar, it must have come in the society, so let's move ahead now.

Who Owner Of Disney+ Hotstar?

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Now let's talk about who is the owner of Disney + Hotstar? So the owner of Disney + Hotstar is Novi Digital private limited which is a part of Star India private limited and if we talk about the CEO, then the CEO of Disney + Hotstar is Sunil Rayan.

Sunil Rayan- President and head Disney+ Hotstar

Star India private limited is an Indian company and it is located at Star House, Urmi Estate, Lower Parel, Mumbai, India, Its headquarter is located in India. 

What are the advantages of Disney+ Hotstar?

  • Disney + Hotstar Many movies and web series are released as well as you can also watch the news every day.
  • Many people watch IPL cricket matches in India and the match that happens is shown live on Disney+ Hotstar.
  • When someone takes premium membership on disney+ Hotstar then you will not get to see ads there.
  • Many web series and movies are also available on Disney+ Hotstar for free, so you can enjoy them too.
  • Many TV channels are also shown here, so if you like watching the news or TV serials, then you can use Disney+ Hotstar.
  • Here you have many channels that are live, so you can also watch them.
I hope you have understood all the benefits associated with Disney+ Hotstar, so let's move forward now. 

Disney+ Hotstar Plans and Pricing 

Now it comes to plans and pricing because if we want to take paid subscription then it is important to know how much money I will get. In the image given below, you can see how much money has to be paid for taking a paid subscription.

Who is the Owner of Disney + Hotstar, Which Country is this Company?,General, Owner of Disney+ Hotstar, Hotstar plans and pricing, benefits of Disney+

Get Started 

(1) First of all you have to visit Disney + Hotstar website / Open App of Disney + Hotstar- Open Disney+ Hotstar 

(2) You have to click on the Subscribe button given in the corner- Subscribe Button 

(3) After clicking on the subscribe option, you will get to see the plans and pricing, from there you can proceed by choosing which plan you think is right according to you.

(4) Now when it comes to payment, you can subscribe by paying from a Credit card, Debit Card, Netbanking, Paytm, and UPI to make payment, you can enjoy Disney + Hotstar to the fullest.

Disney+ Hotstar details 

Number of Disney+ Hotstar Paid users- 46 Million+ Paid subscribers 

Number of App Downloads- 500 Million+ 

Number of App Reviews- 9 Million+ 

Rating- 3.9/5

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This article talking about "Who is the Owner of Disney + Hotstar, Which Country is this Company?" Disney+ Hotstar is popular for web series, Movies, sports, and many more. If you also like to watch movies, web series, then you can also join with Disney + Hotstar and enjoy to the fullest.

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