Scam 1992 The Harshad Mehta Web series overview

 You know what if you searching for information about the stock market and brokers so if you have not yet Scam 1992 Web series yet so go and watch this web series. 

It's based on a true story and a motivational story about Harshad Mehta's story. IF you're looking for the best motivational, Stock market, business web series so Scam 1992 is the best web series ever, and if you belong from India this web series still available in Hindi. 

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Is there use of abusive language in the web series The Scam 1992?

I think in the Scame 1992 web series there no abusive language is used in this web series. I mean not much abusive language used in this web series some, Yes in this web series used Abusive words but still not much Okay, Remember that. 

But still remember one thing in this modern world nowadays abusive words are common but still Scam 1992 have not many abusive works, Okay. Don't worry about that but watch this web series when you alone, If you're not alone at home so please kindly wear earphones. 

As compare to other Hindi Web series like Mirzapur, The Family Men in those web series if you watch many abusive words use in this web series as compare to those particular web series trust me not many abusive words in this Scam 1992 web series, Okay. 

How many rupees did Scam 1992 Earn web series?

Approximately Scam 1992 web series earn money- 5000 Crore

If you count this 5000 Crore in Doller $ So approximately- 671253500.00$

As you see above, How many earn the Scam 1992 Web series all the time.

How many days were needed to make the Scam 1992 web series?

So for the Scam 1992 web series shooting days minimum of 87 Days to complete all the shoots of this Scam 1992 Web series. And shoot 200 locations in the Mumbai

Cinematography handled by Pratham Mehta

Main is Web series edited by Sumit Purohit and Kunal Walve 

Composed Background score by Achint Thakkar 

Official release date of Scam 1992 Web series- 9 October 2020

Directors- Hansal Mehta and Jay Mehta 

Based on What?- 1992 Indian stock market scam 

Where is available?- SonyLIV 

Genre- Drama, Market, Business 


Episodes- 10

Famous Dialogue in Scam 1992 Web series ( Hindi- English) 

(1) Profit dikhata hai koyi bhi jukhata hai (Profit looks everyone  bends)

(2) Share market itna bada kuva hai ki puri des ke paise ki pyas buza sakta hai (Share Market is such a big well that it can quench the thirst of money of the whole country.)

(3) Free mai toh mere baap ko bhi tip nahi deta (I don't even tip on my father for free.) 

(4) Dekho mai cigarete nahi pita par jeb mai lighter jarur rakhata hu, Dhamaka karke ke liye (Look, I don't have a cigarette, but I definitely keep a lighter in my pocket to explode) 

(5) Mera interview lene se pehle mere bare mai jan lena kya hai ki muzhe jan javoge toh man javoge (What do I have to know before taking my interview, will you know if you know me?) 

(6) Agar meri puch mai aag lagayenge na toh mai lanka toh uski bhi jalegi ( If I set my pooch on fire, then Lanka will burn for them too.) 

(7) Risk Hai toh isq hai ( If there is risk then there is love) 

Above some dialogues are more popular from the Scam 1992, I know more dialogues are in this web series but still, I have that much note, Sorry for that. 


In this article all about Scame 1992 overview, More questions/ doubts clear in this article like How many Days take for shooting, How many earn money this web series and all that. 

Hope so this article is you people get helpful and informative, If this article you people get helpful please share the article with your people. and spread love and happiness. 

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