Who is Owner of Facebook? | Facebook Related Questions | Facebook Invented Year

 You already know about Facebook and you also using the social media Networks Facebook is. Facebook social media app now has all the single phone. 

You know what there are many social media but still, Facebook is more popular than all of other social media Apps.

In the modern world, Facebook is the most used social media on the Internet. 

Many people already know who owns Facebook but still, I know there is also many people have still no idea about Who owns Facebook, They people only use Application not learn something new, and that's why I'm sharing this information with you people. 

Not only the Who owns Facebook, In this all your doubts related to Facebook all clear in this article, please don't miss the all the important thing read till it end, learn more. 

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Who owns Facebook? 

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Facebook Owner and Facebook inventor is the one only Mark Zuckerberg. The Facebook app was created by also Mark Zuckerberg. 

Mark Zuckerberg is the SEO and owner of their own Facebook company. He is done hard work and even today through his dedication he is handling a Facebook company Because he is the legend ever. 

Mark Zuckerberg, he is a legend and he is also popular for the whole world richest person in the world and the richest person's rank is sixth. 

Facebook Owner/When- Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook was started in 2004. 

When did Facebook buy WhatsApp and Instagram?

You have an idea already Facebook Buy WhatsApp and Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg has known already in future WhatsApp and Facebook is more popular and that's why in the billions of dollars Facebook buy WhatsApp and Facebook. 

In the Year 2012 Facebook buy WhatsApp and after that in the year of 2014 Facebook buy Instagram too. 

Common Questions Related to Facebook 

Download Facebook- 5 Billion 

Rated- 12+

Mobile App size- 57 MB

Daily Active users on Facebook- 1.88 Billion users Active daily. 

Alex Ranking- 7

In the united states ranking- 5

Which country's app is Facebook from?- America 


This article talking about Who owns Facebook and also all about the Facebook App. Facebook is more popular social media as compared to all other social media. More people have no idea about Who owns Facebook, and that's this article is for you. 

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