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Hello, Welcome to this new fresh article now in this we are talking about the New 10+ YouTube channel ideas. If you haven't yet start YouTube Channel so you start after reading this article because in this article 10+ best YouTube ideas in front of you. 

More people thinking about the YouTube channel but there is no idea how to start and which type of videos upload in the channel, so your all doubts are clear in this article. 

(1)Reviews Channels 

Review Channel

If you are purchase any product price is low doesn't matter but still review that particular product and upload video on the YouTube channel. 

After the channel grows you can purchase the best expensive things and review your channel is growing more and many companies are selected you for the promotion and you take charge of promotion and earn money. 

Many creators review Mobile, Laptop, computers, toys, cars, and all that if you want to any channel create and review about any niche you can select and write a better attractive script and create a video. 

If there is not possible to video with a face so you can only audio overview create and better edit your video and upload it, many people are like to watch without face video. 

As you can see on YouTube our "Technical Guruji" is popular for technical review you also create your review video and earn money from YouTube. If also YouTube and you have any Blog so promote your blog in your channel and earn money on both platform YouTube channels and Blogs. 

And one more thing is review channel is best for software review, There are many websites ready for affiliate marketing pick up any affiliate software product and review in your YouTube video and link in the description or short link in the video and earn money from the YouTube channel, Affiliate Marketing, Blog too. 

  • Car review 
  • Technical review 
  • Unboxing any expensive or budget products review 

Any type you can shoot video and edit after perfect make video after you can upload all set video upload in the YouTube channel.

(2) Motivational Video/ Relationships Channel

(2) Motivational Video/ Relationships Channel

You know there is more valuable content is Motivational and relationship, If you are expert is talking you can record your audio and add any stocks videos and images you can create any video and upload it definitely your video is growing because motivation and relationship more valuable content. 

Here also no need to record video, enough audio, and stocks footages. 

Write perfect script for motivational and relationship video with perfect stock footages and images perfect time but still remember one thing in this platform voice always needs good because there is need a better voice in the voice over videos. 

Also Gym motivational audio also more people want. More gym trainy wears and headphone and listen motivational audio, songs, quotes (Voiceover). If you have any podcast channel so also you can suggest people and share links after download they people listen to your podcast or video or voiceover. 

(3) Photography and videography channels (Drone shoot videos, Mountain videos, Nature videos with a particular audio/tune) 

Photography and videography channels (Drone shoot videos, Mountain videos, Nature videos with a particular audio/tune)

More people want to listen to audio/tune with a better video and sometimes people-watching drone or nature videos and that time any person search that particular video our video in front of the people of that particular. 

How to capture Photos on a Phone?, How to edit video from the Phone? that type of video you can create and edit after you publish the video.

Here also no need to face video simply do that thing record any video and shooting video and how to capture a photo you can give animation and upload video. More people learn photography and videography but still, they have no idea about some hidden mobile camera features you can explain deep camera features and grow your channel and earn money. 

(4) Educational Channels 

Educational Channels

Now in the Covid-19 situation, there are classes that are still online. Some classes are paid or some classes free. But you can only record your screen with explanation teaching voice and create, edit video and upload video on YouTube Channel. 

More kids, Young people are wants classes but they have no ideas which channel is better to create a video. If your voice is clear so you can teach online through the YouTube channel. Also, you can pay for service advertise also on your YouTube channel and create your own paid courses and sell online.

(5) Gaming Channels 

Gaming Channels

Many creators earn money from playing games on YouTube. If you can search on YouTube Dynamo Gaming, Mortal, Carryminati etc. except creators also many creators available on YouTube you can see the videos and that type you also record a game with voice, also live gameplay also you can do.

Kids, Young people more like to watch gaming videos, Now in 2021 there is more creators I know the competition is high but still now also time is not gone, start your YouTube journey and create a powerful channel and gameplay online and earn money. 

There is no need for facecam but still, facecam is an important to play role in the gaming channel because more people like to watch the reaction of the player. If you're ready that you can do. 

(6) Vlogging channels 

Vlogging channels

Start your Vlog now. There are also more creators who like to watch vlogs different types like travelling, Village overview, Gym, Running etc. Many types of vlog you can shoot and in between add some memes and edit better and upload in the YouTube channels. 

There is more channel popular for Vlogging like Mumbaikar Nikhil, Flying beast, Bhuvan bam (Comedy, Vlog too) you can the Video on YouTube related to vlogging and what you say start your channel.

Vlogging needs- Mobile phone and one holding mobile stand enough for starting after you can earn money from YouTube after that you can purchase expensive things to the Vlogging like DSLR camera, Camera holding stand, Vlog stand, Tripod etc. you can purchase after the earning money. 

(7) Lifestyle Channels 

Lifestyle Channels

Lifestyle channels, Pick up any celebrity and write script all about the income, Home, family, friends, Girlfriend all any other information and create powerful video and edit better with images and stock footages and create better and upload in YouTube channel. 

More people search about actress, Model, Politics person etc. all people one by one create video and after edited upload video. 

(8) Travelling channels

Travelling channels

If you're rider all traveller it's the best chance for you people. Because many people research about the places which is best to honeymoon, which places best to travelling, which places best to travel with friends and family in all the topics create video and also add drone footages. 

Honeymoon couples before going honeymoon first research about places like how to go? Money and all that so you can clear in the video. 

The family also go for a trip or picnic so they also search about which places are best to go and all that so it's a chance to create a YouTube channel and earn money. 

(9) Food Vlogging 

Food Vlogging

Newly wife and bachelor students want more receipts and now it's common for everyone to want recipe they search on YouTube like How to make chicken, How to make sup? etc. 

It's a good chance you cal record the action how to and which things you have to use and all that and the last one is the result, there is also no need to face recod video so don't worry about that. 

How to make summer juice and all that only there is need some things which are used to make and all that and simple process record and edit with background free music song and upload on YouTube. 

(10) Technical Channels

Technical Channels

In this channel now more people want to help with any technical issue and you have clear that particular issue through the video. Only one create your video and upload and say which you have doubt ask me in the comment section, More people comment any related doubts and you have to create any particular doubt over video and clear that particular question through the video. 

A simple example is, How to start Blog?  that type of video you have to create practically with voice and upload on your YouTube channel. 

Step by step explain any doubts and more also there is topic to create video like which cell phones best in 2021?, Which laptop is best? etc. all topics are cover and after edit the video upload to the YouTube channel. 

(11) Fitness Channels 

Fitness Channels

In the lockdown, gyms are closed and the people do exercise in the Home and they people watch video on YouTube and do exercise so if you have the interest to create fitness videos so you can create your own videos and upload on Fitness YouTube channel. 

Fitness is a part of life. In the fitness not only the body also you can meditation music and how to do meditation type create video and upload it's just an easy. 

Due to Covid-19, more people have no idea how to do exercise at home without dumbells and all that. Jumping, push-ups etc. make videos and upload them on YouTube, it's easy. 

(12) Fact Channels 

Fact Channels

Now, In the world fact channel is more popular you know what every day is the fact every new thing happen in just a second you can write a perfect script and create video over the fact which images and stock footages. 

A simple example which is a more powerful animal in the world? How many countries in the whole world? Top 5 best cars? that type of question with answers explain with the short/Long video you can create and better attractive edit and upload on YouTube channel. 


This whole article all about the New and Top 10+ best YouTube channels ideas. More people want to start a YouTube channel but still, they have no idea about that so that's why the article is here for that particular person which people are interested in but still not ideas how to start a YouTube channel? 

Hope so after reading this article, this article helpful and informative to you people. So please share the article with your family friends all people.  

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