Which best web series streaming on MX player [Must Watch 2021]

MX player is best and free provide movies and web series in many audios like Hindi, English and Marathi etc. Which is best web series streaming on MX player if you've no idea must real it article till it end and watch that web series on MX player. 

Now every single web series have micro romance if you don't like the part of romance you can skip and watch but the many web series on MX player they are truly best to watch. 

Netflix have best web series but still there is need to money for the paid service. If you've money you can get paid service and watch there web series and movies. 

More web series are in MX they popular for the romance. In this article also web series are romantic or some web series truly educational and action. Watch below web series must recommended. 

Some web series are old like 2019 and 2020 but still below web series are more popular on MX player. Must watch below web series and stay home Stay safe in your home. 

Article is updated in COVID-19 period [STAY HOME, STAY SAFE] In boring period must watch this web series free available on MX Player. 

Top 5 Web series Highly recommended [ Must Watch 2021] 

Top 5 Web series, Which best web series streaming on MX player [Must Watch 2021],Movies/ Web Series,
Which best web series streaming on MX player [Must Watch 2021] 

 1. Ashram 2020

Ashram is the best web series if you're age in above 18+ watch this web series because in this web series some scene is sensitive. In this web series popular for the crime and according to me best web series always. 

According to the 1 billion views you're think how it's web series? People like this web series or not think you. This is web series is still free and on the MX player trending web series it is. Must watch highly recommended this web series, if you haven't yet watch this. 

Ashram Web series- I most like web series, The story and making has brilliant and awesome with investigation. This web series is melodramatic rather than realistic. 

Total views- 1 Billion 

Genre- Crime, Action, Romance, Sex, Drugs, Strong language, 18+ 

Seasons/Episodes - 2 Seasons, 18 Episodes 

Release date- August 28, 2020

Production- Prakash Zha production 

2. Bhaukaal 2020

Bhaukaal is the story about the police. In this web series like a Mirzapur, in this once police officer and they officer wants to clear that particular area without any enemy or crime. In that area more crime per day many people murder. 

Story about the once police and police dream is without crime clear crime area want. Many conditions in front of police but they have courage to battle against head of all the criminals, and end of the part is police wins and clear all the criminals. 

Totals views- 70 Million 

Genre- Crime, Thriller, Action, 18+ Web series 

Seasons/ Episodes- 1 Season, 10 Episodes 

Release date-  May 11, 2020

Production- Applause Entertainment, Baweja Movies 

3. Chakravyuh- An inspector virkar Crime Thriller  2021

This is web series latest 2021 web series. In this web series in crime web series and story about the hacker and virkar inspector. Virkar is the police inspector and find criminal. In whole the case only one criminal in this case and criminal is the pro hacker. 

How virkar inspector find the pro hacker criminals? Who is the criminal? In this web series complicated to understand but in the last episodes all clear. Best crime thriller if you haven't watch this web series go to the MX player download it or watch online too. 

Totals Views- 20 Million 

Genre- Crime, Thriller, Action, Mystery, 18+ Web series 

Seasons/ Episodes- 1 Season, 8 Episodes 

Release date- March 12, 2021

Production- Prakash Zha Productions

4. Hello Mini 2019

Hello mini is the web series free available on MX player. Some romantic and some scenes looking like to fear. Many scenes fear. This is web series is not ghost and devil web series but still some scenes like fear. 

Hello mini is the crime thriller and best web series if you like to watch romance in the web series. Mini is the lady in the web series. 

Total Views- 40 Million 

Genre- Mystery, Thriller, Crime web series, 18+ 

Seasons and Episodes- 3 Seasons, 35 Episodes 

Release date- October 1, 2019

5. Ek Thi Begum 2020

Ek Thi Begum, This is web series freely available on MX player. This web series popular for the crime web

Zaheer is the Begum's wife, criminals murder the zaheer and after murder the wife think about the takes revenge but still revenge kills begum. This web series based on Sapna didi.

Totals views- 50 Million 

Genre- Crime, Thriller, Dubbed web series 

Seasons/ Episodes- 1 Season, 14 Episodes 

Release date- April 8, 2020

Production- Times Studio 

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Conclusion- In this web series all about the free streaming platform MX Player top 5 web series highly recommended web series details in this article. Many web series you watch but above web series is new and streaming on free platform is MX Player if you haven't watch above web series please watch in free period if you're getting bored home. If this article you people get helpful share article link with you people. 

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