Top 5 Superhero TV series Rating, Timeline and episodes and seasons

 Here in this new article all about the Top 5 superman web series TV Series if you want to watch online best web series in any language so is web page only for you. Hope so is this article helpful for you people. If you're searching on google best web series is the only for you. Many sites are give information about the web series, many web series produced best but the you know what marvel and DC comics there is best action and crime web series, TV series produced you can must watch that web series, TV series it's very very interesting. I also like to watch superheroes web series below are all about information Web series action, fiction, crime adventure etc. Must watch that television series. Also Netflix and other online streaming platform also still available. 

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Top 5 Superhero TV series Rating, Timeline and episodes and seasons 

If you want to watch Hindi language also still all the i mean more than web series, TV series still available in Hindi doubled Series. Also below all are the more than 18+ are allowed to watch because some sensitive parts is in the the web series. 

Below are Top 5 Web series names 

  1. Daredevil 
  2. Arrow 
  3. Jessica Jones 
  4. The Flash 
  5. Titans 
Above details about the one by one series are below till the end read and learn more about the all Action superhero web series. 

1. Daredevil 
Daredevil Web series, Your help

Daredevil is produced by the marvel and you know marvel is the always best give to the viewers. In the marvel every movies and web series action and romance is also in between some seen. If you're in under 17 don't watch because some romance and sex part is also there.
This daredevil is a blind man but still they daredevil have a power to hear micro sound and captures the where doing the crime. Many criminals capture daredevil superhero. They have have personal mask and jacket. Is the daredevil protect to the hell's kitchen by the criminals, and work in all Night. Many criminals crime is in Night and that's why he works in Night. They are lawyers and solved the cases. Daredevil is the Matt Murdock 

It's American television Web series, United States. Available web series in Hindi too. 

Rating- 4.8, 1863 ratings, 18+ 

Original Network is Netflix
Estimated subscribers for the Daredevil Web series- 10.7% 

How many people watch Daredevil?- Approx 11 Millions 

Cast Details-

 Real Name 

  Characters Name 

 Charlie Cox     

 Matt Murdock 

 Deborah Ann Woll 

 Karen Page 

 Vincent D' Onofrio 


 Elden Henson 

 Foggy Nelson 

 John Bernthal 


 Director- Drew Goddard 

Above are the all characters are In the Daredevil Web series. 

Season and Episodes Details to Watch- 

First Episode release Date- 10 April 

 Final Episode Release Date- 19 October 2018 

Number of Seasons-

Season 1- 

Episodes 13 - Released Dates- April 10 2015 

Season 2- 

Episodes 13  - Released Dates- March 18 2016 

Season 3- 

Episodes 13 - Released Dates- October 19 2018  

2. The Flash 

The Flash Web series, Your help

The Flash is the Produced by the DC comics television Web series. Is the without doubt it's best action, comedy, adventure and best web series by the viewers because all time best action seen available in the web series. Action is the next level. You know what in the action films and web series always front on whole world is remember for the marvel and DC superheroes. In the both is in common is action. 

So here in this the Flash Television web series all time action comedy and adventure. And the flash is the running too much speed and protect from the criminals to the world. Love this the flash it brings comedy, leadership, physics and more info in this web series The Flash. The flash is the unpredictable superhero show. 

Is the American Television Series. 2014 fiction, action, comedy, crime and adventure for the famous always by the DC Comics. In the language still available in Hindi too. Available on Netflix and amazon Prime Video too Paid Streaming Platform.   

Ratings- 4.7, 7635 Rating, 18+ 

Networks- The CW and TV Plus 

How many people Watch The Flash?- More than 1.60 Millions peoples

Cast Details- 

 Real Name 

 Character Name 

 Grant Gustin 

 Flash Savitar 

 Candile Patton 

 Iris West Allen 

 Danielle Panabaker 

 Killer Froast 

 Tom Cavanagh 

 Eobard Thawne

 Carlos Valdes 


 Above all the Characters are in the The Flash Web series, Television Web series. 

Season and Episodes are detail to watch- 

Season 6 are Available now details are Below

Season 1-  
Episodes 23
Release Date- October 6 2015- May 24 2016 

Season 2-  
Episodes 23 
Release Date- October 7 2014- May 24 2015 

Season 3-  
Episodes 23 
Release Date- October 4 2016- May 23 2017 

Season 4- 
Episodes 23 
Release Date- October 10 2017- May 22 2018 

Season 5- 
Episodes 22 
Release Date- October 9 2018- May 14 2019

Season 6- 
Episodes 19 
Release Date- October 8 2019- May 12 2020

Season 7- COMING SOON. Trailer are available In YouTube. 

3. Arrow  
Arrow Web Series, Your Help

Arrow web series, television series produced by the DC comics and in this series superhero name is Oliver queen and he is work in Nigh to protect city from the criminals. He is 5 years lost in land and after 5 years come back in that city and the 5 years learn everything that land. There is many bad seen are with Oliver queen and that time learn everything how to fight with enemy. 
Here a blaster plane to everything blast city and Oliver queen means the arrow everything do for the protect the city. Revenge to the fathers enemy's and protect city is the Oliver queen means Arrow. Oliver queen is the belong to billionaire family but once concentrate that plane is protect city from the enemy's. Collect information and capture the enemy and give to police or sometime kills.  According to me it's nice web series. 

Is the American Television Web series still available on Netflix and doubled in Hindi too. Action adventure, crime and fiction. Dark crime TV series,Oliver queen work in Night. Green arrow Oliver queen 

Rating- 85% rating Average 7.47/ 10 , 4.8 3679 rating, 18+ 

Original Networks- The CW 

How many people watch Arrow Web series?- More than 1 Million peoples

Cast Details- 

 Real Name 

 Character Name 

 Stephen Amell 

 Oliver queen 

 Emily Bett 

 Felicity Smoak 

 Katie Kassidy 

 Black Canary 

 David Ramsey 

 John Diggle 

 Willa Holland 

 Thea queen 

 Above are the characters in the Series Arrow, television web series. 

Season and Episodes are detail to watch- 

Season 8 available now on Netflix official Streaming Platform. 

Season 1- 

Episodes 23 

Release Date- October 10 2012- May 15 2013 

Season 2- 

Episodes 23 

Release Date- October 9 2013- May 14 2014 

Season 3- 

Episodes 23 

Release Date- October 8 2014- May 13 2015 

Season 4- 

Episodes 23 

Release Date October 7 2015- May 25 2016 

Season 5- 

Episodes 23 

Release Date- October 5 2016- May 24 2017

Season 6- 

Episodes 23 

Release date- October 12 2017- May 17 2018 

Season 7- 

Episodes 22

Release Date- October 15 2018- May 13 2019 

Season 8-

Episodes 10 

Release Date- October 15 2019- January 28 2020

Season 9- COMING SOON. 

4. Titans 

Titans Web series, Your Help

Is web series, television series produced by the DC Comics. Titans is the best action web series and once the superhero make a group of all the superheroes group, If the DC fan here is the best web series television series. Dick Grayson is the the first superhero seen in this television series. Is the action, adventure, crime and comedy web series. Many superhero in this web series. 

In the episode first more than action i like so much and according to it's the best web series ever. Batman, superman many action hero and superhero you can watch also that Movies DC Comics. 

2018 Action, Fiction, Adventure, Comedy, Crime etc. 

Networks- HBO Max 

There is still available in the Hindi too. You can watch on Netflix. Available Netflix paid streaming Platform. 

Ratings- 4.4, 2549 Rating, 18+

How many people watch Titans?- Approx 794 in 2018 Now more than 4 Million approx. 

Cast Details-

 Real Name 

 Character Name 

 Berton Thwaites 

 Dick Grayson 

 Teagan Croft 


 Anna Diop 


 Minka Kelly 

 Dawn Granger 

 Ryan Potter 

 Beast Boy 

Above all the characters are in the Titans Television web series. 

Season and Episodes are detail to watch- 

2 Seasons are available Now in this television web series.

Season 1-
Episodes 11

Release date- October 12 2018- December 25 2018

Season 2- 
Episodes 13 

Release date- September 6 2019- November 22 2019 

5. Jessica Jones 
Jessica Jones Web series, Your Help

Jessica Jones is the Produced by the Marvel studios. In this series Krysten Ritter is the character is the Jessica Jones. In this web series Jessica is in Private detective like private capture criminal. Many people black works by the click the photos. Jessica Jones is the superhero and other one is killer is the track the mind of other people and capture photos Jessica Jones and blackmail her by the clicking photos. 

And the killer is the control mind and other man/ women kill the other person and bad works also. According to me is the Jessica Jones is the too nice superhero web series. Action and crime is in web series. 

2015 Drama, Crime web series 

This series also available in Hindi language too. You can paid streaming by the Netflix and watch this superhero web series. 

Networks- Netflix original Web series 

Ratings- 7.9/ 10, 83%, 4.2, 512 Ratings, 18+ 

How many people watch this Web series?- More than 4.8 Millions people 

Cast details- 

 Real Name 

 Character Name 

 Krysten Ritter 

 Jessica Jones 

 Rachael Taylor 

 Trish Walker 

 Carrie Amos 

 Jeri Hogarth 

 David Tennant 

 Purple Man 

 Mike Colter 

 Luke Cage 

Above all the Characters are in the Jessica Jones Web series, You can watch from Netflix Original Web series. 

Season and Episodes are detail to watch- 

3 Seasons are available Jessica Jones 

Season 1- 
 Episodes 13 

Release date- November 20 2015 

Season 2-
Episodes 13 

Release date- March 8 2018 

Season 3- 
Episodes 13 

Release date- June 14 2019 

Conclusion-In this article all about the Superman Marvel and DC comics superhero action, crime, physics fiction web series information, timeline and ratings also in this article hope so is this article peoples get helpful. Share this article with your friends, family and other WhatsApp or other social Media. 

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