How to Decrease Size of PDF?

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It's the mostly problem they people are home fill the Forms exam or other forms have an problem this but in this article easily understand you guys How to decrease size very simple way. Very small article it's but the more information about the high size to convert low size. In the mobile there are many application are there they are convert very easily size and you can upload document or other files easily, but the they are also available some steps to the Laptop, PC or other computer device it's very easy. So let's start our article from the Start.

How to Decrease Size PDF?, Decrease PDF size

First you have a Computer or PC or other device and in they device one have application Adobe Photoshop CS2 if you've any other application like adobe Photoshop there are also same Steps you can follow it and easily decrease size by the steps. 

If you have scanner you can easily by the help of scanner easily scan and change or convert size but the still you've laptop or no scanner so that time it's trick very important Okay.


Follow below Steps: 

1. Is the Official interface of the Adobe Photoshop application you see below interface.


2. Click on the Above in the corner one have tab that tab is File, Click that tab and click on the Open Button and insert which PDF size you want to Decrease that file is choose easily. 

3. Select One page document or other page PDF and click on the open that PDF in the Adobe Photoshop. 

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4. Once you have open that PDF than than click the Image Option and select Image Size Option. Short cut Ctrl + Alt + I you can press. 

5. Image Size press option, Interface is in your screen below with image. 

6. Check size or type size as you want the 100 KB to 150 KB are allowed you can only the 120 type that box.

7. Click the corner in the file button and Save as click that option and saved in you disk. 

8. After the save PDF than you can use that PDF as the fill the form whatever as you want. 

Conclusion:In this article all about the How to convert PDF size which size you want you can change easily that is given in this article. Hope so you guys like it. 

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