What is YouTube Short?

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You Know YouTube There is all videos are available help technology and enjoyable videos are available. You can Go and watch. Is the One of the Best application ever there are many creators are there any many creators upload Creativity Daily. 

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Opps! Sorry here Topic is YouTube Shorts Now available In YouTube, There are you create and upload new new Shorts Videos like in 2020 Many Creators upload Tik Tok like that now here also available Shorts video and you Make and Upload it Easily. 

2020 Announced by the YouTube is YouTube Shorts and now all PC, Notebook, Laptop everywhere available YouTube Shorts and you make easily Shorts video like 15 to 20 Seconds and  also Make Less than that and Upload it easily. When you Acting too much go than Easily increase Money and subscribers and explore you talent with the whole world. 

What is YouTube Short? 

Is the New feature in 2020, is the new Update by the YouTube. And many Tik Tok Creators are here also. In this YouTube Short 15 Seconds or less than Video easily Upload and Share your talent. 

YouTube Short is the Latest Update and You can use easily like a Tik Tok or Reels Instagram Application like You Want to watch new Viedo swipe and comes Next Video.

In this YouTube shorts many creators are available there and exploring talent in front of whole world. You can also explore your talent. It's easy to use like a Tik Tok Application. I know now Tik tok ban in India but Now Google Launch a New Update YouTube Shorts In beta Version, But still YouTube and Google also Update in the Shorts new new Update like better trasition and all That. So till the i can't say what is Feature Comes in the YouTube Shorts.

But still i can my experience YouTube Shorts is the Very Good Experience, till the wait new update, features and make you perfect YouTube shorts. 

How to Make YouTube Shorts? 

How to make YouTube Short if you using I-phone or Android users are there, So firstly Open the YouTube Application and wait a Min.
  1. In the Below in YouTube Application See the + Symbol in the Round. Click there.
  2. Interface Like a Tik Tok. You add Music Trending or other you also use your audio and make Shorts.
  3. Copyright Free Music are also available.
  4. If You Tap the Song and Simple click the Direction Option.
  5. Then Your Screen visible Speed, Timer or Adjust are available Option are there.
  6. Then what type you make video Like Slow Motion, fast Motion All options are available.
  7. Then You record Video and Click the option is Next and You have no Option is there tags, Description simple only click Some other Options like Public, Unlisted, Private Options are there You Choose as you want.
  8. Simple Give Title and Upload you Video.

It's some Tips to How you make YouTube Shorts in the Simple Way, is the only one Update YouTube Give other best Update. 

Conclusion- In This articles We learn about the YouTube Shorts, What is YouTube Shorts and How to Make YouTube and all that I Hope you guys Like it. Share Link with your Friends and Other people. 

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