Computer related Questions and their Answers

 Today in this modern era all computers are being used in their daily life and computer has a big place in our life, many people 90% people are currently using a computer for their work, that's why something related to computer It is very important for us to know things, so today in this article we are going to know about some computer-related questions and their answers.

If you are using a computer then it is very important to know the common questions related to computer and their answers, so read this article till the last and spread this post.

Computer Related Question-Answers 

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Computer Related Questions-Answers 

Q1) Who invented the computer? 

Ans- Charles Babbage 

Charles Babbage, known as the Father of Computer, was a mathematician, philosopher, inventor, and mechanical engineer.

Q2) When was the computer invented?

Ans- Charles Babbage invented the mechanical computer called the Differential Engine in 1822.

Q3) What is the full form of VIRUS? 

Ans- Virtual Information Resource Under Seize 

Q4) Who built the first Mechanical Calculator?

Ans- Blaise Pascal 

Q5) What is google search engine and browser?

Ans- Google is a Search Engine 

Q6) Who is called Father of Computer? 

Ans- Charles Babbage 

Q7) What was the name of the first computer


Q8) What is computer literacy day? 

Ans- 2 December 

Q9) What is the full form of CPU?

Ans- Central Processing Unit 

Q10) How many bytes are in 1 kilobyte? 

Ans- 1024 Bytes 

Q11) How many bytes are in 1 gigabyte? 

Ans- 1024 MB

Q12) How many bytes are in 1 megabyte?

Ans- 1024 KB

Q13) What are the three main parts of a processor? 

Ans- ALU, Control Unit, Register 

Q14) What is the full form of EDP?

Ans- Electronic Data Processing 

Q15) What is the data going to the computer called? 

Ans- Input 

Q16) Which is the fastest computer? 

Ans- Super Computer 

Q17) How many function keys are there on the keyboard?

Ans- 12 

Q18) Which is the best printer? 

Ans- Lesar Printer 

Q19) What is the full form of LCD?

Ans- Liquid Crystal Display 

Q20) How easy is it to play games? 

Ans- Joystick

Q21) What is the full form of OCR? 

Ans- Optical Character Recognition 

Q22) How is Monitor Display Measured?

Ans- Diagonally 

Q23) Who made the first computer?

Ans- Douglas Engelbart 

Q24) What type of storage is internal storage? 

Ans- Primary Storage 

Q25) What is the full form of DVD? 

Ans- Digital Video Disc 

Q26) What is the main part of the computer called? 

Ans- Motherboard 

Q27) What is the full form of PC? 

Ans- Personal Computer 

Q28) What is the largest unit of storage? 

Ans- TB 

Q29) How many options are there in 1 byte?

Ans- 8 

Q30) What is the full form of DOS? 

Ans- Disc Operating system 

Q31) What is Oracle?

Ans- Database Software 

Q32) What is the full form of CDA? 

Ans- Computer-Aided Design

Q33) What is the full form of POST?

Ans- Power on Self Test 

Q34) What type of software is Linux? 

Ans- Open Source 

Q35) Who created the windows software?

Ans- by IBM

Q36) Which country has the most computers in the whole world?

Ans- United States of America 

Q37)Which country has the most users of Facebook?

Ans- America 

Q38) Which is the fastest computer in the world?

Ans- T- 3A 

Q39) What is ANUPAM?

Ans- A supercomputer

Q40) What is a file often called?

Ans- Document 

Q41) What is the microprocessor of a computer called?

Ans- Microchip 

Q42) Which is the world's first electronic computer? 

Ans- Aniac

Q43) What is ethernet?

Ans- LAN


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