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Hello and welcome back to another article and today in this article talking about "How to improve mobile networks?" Yes, guys about Mobile Network we're talking about many people have problems, issues with mobile network and that's why this article I'll publish, hope so this article you people get helpful, Read till it end. 

Right now the era of 4G is going on, but despite having a 4G network, are you troubled by the mobile network, but today this problem is going to end because in today's article we are going to talk about "How to improve mobile network". I hope you will definitely like this article.

So what can be the reason for this network issue, the first thing is that your sim is selected wrong, that means look where you live, but if there is no network of that sim card then how will the internetwork and the second problem is that if your mobile If it will be old and network is not capturing well, then know these things.

Check Network Quality 

So moving towards the first thing, what is there in it that "Network Quality" is a very important thing, first of all, you have to know which network runs well in your area and which sim card's internet runs fast, take care of this thing. 

Now it comes to how to check the network, then follow the steps given below and know what to do in your mobile so that it can check how your mobile network is.

Follow Steps 

  1. You have to go to the "Mobile setting" section on your phone
  2. Go to the "About" section
  3. After going to the about section, you will get the option of "Network"
  4. After clicking on the option from the "Network", you will get dBm on it, with the help of that you can check.
Now you will ask that "what is dBm value" and how to know that the network is good and bad, then read on, everything is given ahead.

What is dBm value?
What is this dBm value basically, how is this network going, it tells that the network is poor, good, how is it going, if you know all this by dBm value, then how to know it, then check it is given in the image below.
What is dBm value?

With the dBm value given above, you can see how is the network in your area and which sim card will work well, Hope so you people understand. 

Which Operators is Best? 
So now it comes to which operator is the best to run the internet in mobile, it is very hard to find but it is not impossible, so let's know which operator is the best for our mobile?
If you have ever heard about the open signal, then you must know which operator is the best, then according to the latest report from the open signal, it has been told that airtel is the best because it has the best internet calling, WhatsApp calling, airtel for any online offline calls It is good that it has been told, so I say that you should definitely try using airtel.
Checkout- Opensignal 
Many operators are available in the market, but remember one thing, the sim cards of some operators will not work in your area, if it does not have a tower, then you have to take care of one thing that which sim card works well in your area, any of your friends If you are big or big, then ask for a SIM card so that you can get a good and fast internet sim card.

Wi-Fi Calling 
If you have the option of wifi calling on your phone, then definitely use this feature, this is a very good feature in India, only Jio and Airtel have launched wifi calling, so this is a very good and useful feature.
What you can do with wifi calling is that if wifi is connected then you can call anyone for free and you can talk as much time as you want.

Network and Network Towers 

Now you have to do one important thing, you have to check how many towers are installed in your area and where towers are installed, definitely check it so that it is easy to find the network.

Which operator's SIM card you use, you can check by visiting its official website where the towers are installed, simply what you have to do is to go to the operator's official website and search by entering the pin code address. You will get the type of information.


This article is talking about "How to improve mobile network?" Hope so your all doubts are clear about Mobile Network. If you have any doubt about any related Mobile network drop comment below, I'll clear your doubts. 

If this article you people get helpful and informative so please share article link with your peoples, spread love and happiness. 

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