Useful Secret Android Phone Codes

 Hello and welcome back to the another and today's name of the article is "Useful Secret Android Phone Codes" Yes today we learn about Mobile phones' secret codes you get helpful in the future, and I think you have still no idea about that codes. 

So in today's article, we are going to know about the secret codes of mobile phones and I know that 75% of the people will not know about these codes and if you also come in 75% of the people then this whole article is just for you. If it has been made, then definitely read it completely so that no knowledge is left behind.

Maybe you will not know that there are so many codes in android phones that you will get tired of checking but you will have to learn these codes so that there is no problem going forward.

N1) Samsung Secret Codes 

Samsung Secret Codes

Code #1) *#1234#- Check Actual Phone Model 

This secret code will tell you what is the phone model of the phone you use.

If you want to know the actual phone model of your mobile then *#1234# use this code and find out the phone model.

Code #2) *#0*#- Check Test Mode 

*#0*# After using this code, you can open the test mode of your mobile phone, you can test all kinds of things like camera, touchpad, the display is working or not, all kinds of things you can here check from.

With the help of this code, you can check if your phone's speaker is running like how is it, how is the sound quality, you can check all kinds of things.

Code #3) *#0228#- Check Battery Status 

*#0228# With the help of this code, you can simply check the battery status of your mobile phone.

Code #4) *#12580*369#- Check Hardware and Software version 

*#12580*369# With the help of this code, you can find out what is your software and hardware version.

Code #5) *#0808#- Check USB Setting 

*#0808# After typing this code you will get two options and 1 option will be MTP and RNDiS + ACM + DM If you select the first option and connect your mobile phone to laptop, the computer then automatically laptop and computer With this, any file of mobile can be exceeded.

And if you use the second option and connect to the laptop computer, then it will work like ethernet in your laptop, computer.

N2) Oneplus, Oppo, Vivo, Realme Codes 

Oneplus, Oppo, Vivo, Realme Codes

Code #1) *#6776#- Phone Details 

* # 6776 # With the help of this code, you can know the complete history of your mobile, all types of information related to your mobile, you can check here with the help of this code.

Like Phone version, Model, Branch, Branch version, all kinds of things can be seen from here.

Code #2) *#899#- Engineer Mode 

*#899# If you dial this code, then engineer mode will be open on your screen and you can use those things from here before launching the engineer in the mobile market with the help of this engineer mode.

This is the engineer mode, with the help of this you can check the functions of your mobile whether the functions are working or not.

In this Engineer Mode, you will also get to see the option of automatic, with the help of this you can automatically check all the functions, what is going on in your phone and what is not going on.

Code #3) *#1234#- Check Software Version 

*#1234# This code runs on all types of mobile phones and with the help of this code you can find out the software version of your mobile.

N3) Xiaomi, Poco Codes 

Xiaomi, Poco Codes

Code #1) *#*#4636#*#*- Phone Details 

*#*#4636#*#* After dialing this code, three options will appear on your screen first phone information 1- second phone information 2 and third Wi-Fi information. 

If you click above phone information 1, you can find out the IMEI number and what is the number of the SIM card inserted and then you can also change the network mode from here.

If the third option is seen, then there is an option of Wi-Fi Information, with the help of which Wi-Fi you use and what is the speed of that Wi-Fi can be checked.

Code #2) *#*#64663#*#*- Test Mode 

*#*#64663#*#* After dialing this code, you can test all the things on your mobile, what is running on your mobile, and what is not working, you can check everything.

When you want to use this code, then when you take a new phone or sometimes you take an old second-hand phone, then this code is very useful to test everything.


This article is talking about "Useful Secret Android Phone Codes" Many people do not know the secret codes of mobile phones, that is why this article has been published for you.

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