Facts of iPhone 13 And iPhone 13 Mini Overview

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 Hello, and welcome back to another article and the name of the article is "Facts of iPhone 13 And iPhone 13 Mini " today we talking about iPhone 13. There are many facts about iPhone 13, if you want to take this mobile then you need to know these few things. 

Many people take iPhone, but what is new in it, it is very important to know all these things, that is why I want you to read this article at the end.

Facts Of iPhone 13 And iPhone 13 Mini 

  • The first thing is the pricing of this iPhone 13 is going to be the same as iPhone 12, meaning it is going to be the same as mobile same iPhone 12, only some things will be seen separately.
  • Two types of phones are coming in this iPhone 13, one iPhone 13 and iPhone mini two types of phones you will get to see.
  • In this you will get to see the same design as iPhone 13, it has not got any update but many things have come in iPhone 13, The thickness is slightly increased in this iPhone 13
  • Battery Life- And if we talk about battery backup, then iPhone Mini has increased battery life by 1.5 hours.
  • Camera- Now when it comes to the camera, the camera placement has changed in this, the dual cameras have been placed diagonally in both the iPhone 13 and the iPhone 13 Mini, The camera in this iPhone 13 is going to be very good and a lot of improvement has been done in it. If we talk about photos and videos, then you are going to get the best and best quality photos and videos.
  • Notch- If we talk about the display in iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini, then the size of the notch given above has been reduced and the mechanism with Face ID has been fitted in the compact area.
  • Display- A lot of changes have been made in this new iPhone 13 and if we talk about the display, then it has been further improved and the brightness level has also increased, And Ceramic Sheild is used in it. 
  • Internals- So now let's talk about the internals, it comes with the latest Apple A15 Bionic chip and it has 6 core CPU and 4 core GPU and it is made in 5 nanometers and it has the battery and which is mobile performance and is going to be better.
  • Video- Now talking about the video, a new option has come here for cinematic videos, so the movies you watch, which focus very well, you can do the same on this phone as well. And if you have shot a video without focus, then you can focus and save the videos later and all these things make this iPhone the best.
  • Storage- Now let's talk about storage and this storage is very important. So iPhone 13 will get the same storage price in 128 GB, 256 GB, 512 GB storage.
  • If you must have seen the photos on this mobile, then the camera size has increased, meaning according to the camera, if you see it, then it is going to be amazing. 
  • In this mobile, the size of the notch has been reduced, meaning you can enjoy the display more in this mobile.
  • This mobile comes with a pro-motion display, I mean the refresh rate of the screen is from 10 Hz to 120 Hz means the speed of this phone will be seen very high.
So these were some things related to iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini, I hope you like this information related to iPhone.

A15 Bionic Chip Details 

2 New High-Performance Core 
4 New High-Efficiency Core 
Faster Neural Engine

New Display Engine 
New Video Encoders 
New Video decoders 
Double System Cache 
New Image Signal Processor 

iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini Camera Details 

Camera 1 

12 MP 
New 1.7 NM Sensor 
47% More Light-Gathering 
f/1.6 Aperture 
26 MM focal Length 
7- Elements Lens 
100% Focal Pixels
 Camera 2 

12 MP 
Ultra-Wide Camera 
New, Faster Sensor 
f/2.4 Aperture 
13 MM Focal Length 
5- Elements Lens 
120 Degree Field of View 

Pricing Of this iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini 

You will have to know the price of the iPhone because it is important if you want to take this phone, then you must know about the pricing, it is going to start from Rupees. 

iPhone 13 Mini 

iPhone 13 mini its starting price is 69,900 and if you look at the storage account then the pricing is going to increase.

Starting Price- 69,900 Indian Rupees 

iPhone 13 

iPhone 13 its starting price is 79,900 and if you look at the storage account then the pricing is going to increase.

Starting Price- 79,000 Indian Ruppess 


In this article, we talk about the "Facts of iPhone 13 And iPhone 13 Mini - Overviews " I have tried to cover all the things related to the iPhone in this article, many people take the iPhone without knowing anything, so this article is that first, you have to know what is in this mobile.

I hope you have liked this article, if you have liked this article, then definitely share the link of this article with your people.


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