What are the things to do after getting a new mobile?


What to do when I buy a New Smartphone? , What can we do when buy new smartphone, New smartphone setting and updates,Technical Info.,What are the things to do after getting a new mobile?

Hello and welcome back to another article is and in this article, I'm talking about "What are the things to do after getting a new mobile??" There are many tips are tricks and below some information also provide, rea till the end this article. 

What to do after getting a new phone which is right for your mobile. If you want your mobile to run more and give the best performance, then what will you have to do for this so that the mobile runs better and you do not face any problem related to mobile, then definitely read this article till the end and everything That to do after getting a new mobile to go, okay

So Without wasting time, Let's talk about our topic. 

Data Backup and Restore 

When you start when you take a mobile phone, is there a lot of new things in that mobile, then you know what is the first thing that you should do in advance, then the data you have is the first thing we transfer.

Especially when you use android, it is very important to take backup on Google, remember this thing so that you do not face any problem related to any data and backup going ahead and your work can be easy.

Now what to do is that you have to log in to the new mobile using the same email ID that you have in your old phone and take a quick backup and take a backup of whatever contacts, files, photos, etc. And it is very important to restore it, you know how important mobile is at the present time, if we want to find anything, then we use mobile-only, that is why it is very important for us to take care of this.

If you have any problem like there is no mobile data and wifi then there are many apps in play store from there you can easily transfer all the data by installing the app on both the phone and after that you will not have any problem related to data and data. Everything will also be transferred.

And remember one thing, Google backup is very important, always remember this thing. Think about what you will do if your mobile is lost all of a sudden, isn't it that's why a backup is very important for safety so that all your things can be secure.

And one more thing about backup, keep sync always on so that any new data is contacts, photos, messages, and anything that can be easily and automatically restored, then this thing has to be remembered.

Security and Biometrics 

See what are the features when you take a new phone, they see what is there for security, they see everything like face unlock, fingerprint sensor and for your information on everything else, let me tell you all these things for security. But after some time it can not work well, so for this, we have to keep a pattern and password along with a face lock and fingerprint sensor so that if one cannot do it properly then pattern and password will easily unlock your phone.

If you talk about fingerprints, then you should keep the fingerprint of at least 2 fingers saved so that it is easy for you, see if one of your fingers is injured then you can unlock it with the other finger, These are many small things, feet are very useful, you have to keep this in mind.

Phone Case ( Mobile Back Cover) 

When you take a new phone, then a mobile back cover also comes along with it, whether you like it or not, but first, you have to put the back cover of that phone so that if it ever falls from your hand by mistake, then there will be more. Don't go that's why you have to use the back cover of that mobile if after I have the mobile Puran, you can use it without cover without leaving it, no problem.

The rate of breakdown of mobile falling to someone is very high, some people throw away the mobile, that is why if you use the cover then your mobile remains safe and secure, that time Mobile back cover is important role play, So please keep in your mobile always use Mobile Back cover. 

Find My Device App 

After everything is done mobile app setup and account setup, after that you have to download an app and that app is "Find my Device" it is Google's secure device using this app you can find your mobile.

Sometimes you keep mobile anywhere and you do not remember and sometimes you lose mobile, then in that situation, this app helps you a lot in finding mobile, so do not forget to download this app.

What Finds my device does is that if you ever lose your mobile and anywhere, it will be easy to find your mobile easily, that is the work of this app. If ever your mobile is stolen or lost, then you can find the mobile with the help of this app, well.

Store IMEI Number 

Whenever your mobile is lost and stolen somewhere and you go to complain, first of all, you are asked IMEI number, so always keep this number with you so that whenever your mobile is stolen or lost then IMEI find mobile by number.

Now the thing comes that how to know the IMEI number, then the first thing is that when you get a new phone, then the IMEI number comes in the box that comes with it, but you can also see the mobile "*#06#" by typing this. By easily finding out your IMEI number, taking a screenshot, and putting it on Google Drive, whenever the need arises, when the mobile is lost and stolen, then you can find the mobile using it, Okay. 

Dial on Phone for IMEI Number

Charge the Battery 

After getting a new phone, you must see that what is the battery level of the mobile, if the charging is 50% and if it is less than that, then definitely keep it for charging. When some people take a new mobile, they use it a lot and say that its battery is not good, then you do not have to do this at all, then what to do that after charging 10-15 times, the battery is working well. If you do, then you have to take care of this thing.

For charging, you must take care of some things, if you want to run the mobile security for a long time, then definitely read these things related to the battery.

How to Care Mobile phone battery? 

User Interface 

We take a new phone and take a new company's phone in it and sometimes you get upset with that launcher that it is not good at all, all these think, let me tell you for information that every company is new. Launcher is launched in mobile and if you are troubled by it, then take a new mobile of the same type of company whose mobile you use so that you do not face the problem of the new launcher.

And even if you have got a new phone and are troubled by the launcher, then there are many launchers on the play store and you can use them by downloading from there and get used to it so that you do not need any other UI launcher.

What is the advantage of a third-party UI launcher that you can get a good look and feel? Do not use the old launchers, many better launchers are available on the play store, well you can check.

Device Update 

See, now it comes to updates, now look when you people connect to mobile data and wifi, then first go to the setting and check the updates, if any new updates are available, then quickly update them with mobile data and wifi. Especially the security updates that are there, update them beforehand. Many updates come but security updates are very important.

The security updates that happen keep your device safe from hackers, so definitely pay attention to the updates after taking a new mobile, It is very important to update so that your phone is safe. 

Uninstall Bloatware Apps 

Uninstall the apps which are of no use. Especially those which are chain phones, unwanted apps are also given in them, you have to delete these apps, they can leak data at any time, so keep this in mind and delete the apps which are not of any use to you.

The apps about which you do not know anything, then you have to delete those apps, it can be very dangerous, the data can go anywhere at any time, so keep this in mind too.

If you have Facebook then delete that too and Facebook lite do it, you do not know that Facebook App consumes a lot of battery, remember this.

Understand Your Device 

So the last thing that I want to say is that after getting a new phone it is very important to understand what is in this new phone and what are the new things, take all that society. Go to the setting and see everything openly, spend some time with the new device and take the device to society. If you want to use you properly, then it is very important for you to know everything about your mobile.

What are the things your mobile can do and what it cannot do, what are the new features, it is very important to know all this?


This article talking about "What are the things to do after getting a new mobile?" There is lot's of thing explain in a simple way understand and do practically with your device and understand your device all the security and another setting. 

Hope so this article you people get helpful and informative if this article you people get helpful and informative so please share the article link with you people. 

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