Who is owner of Apple company? | What is iPhone?

Who is the owner of Apple company? | What is iPhone? 

You know what, In this whole world Apple is popular, Apple is just fruit but still iPhone (Apple) this brand is more popular in the whole world. And today in this article talking about the Who is Owner of Apple brand company?

So are you guys excited to read this article so let's start our article is Who is the owner of Apple? 

Apple Company is one of the best companies for the brand launches products like iPhone, Macbook, Apple computers, and iPad, etc. Many brand products launch by Apple and you know that every single product people more like as compare to other mobile companies. 

Every single people have an idea about the Apple company because Apple is not the only company it's a brand. 

Apple company products used in the whole world and everyone like apple products. Mobile popular but also Laptops, computers, and iPad also popular Apple products. 

But still Apple company popular for the Apple mobile phone. If you're also a fan of Apple so you have also dream one time buy an iPhone in your whole life, Right Na? 

Now, The main question is 

 Who is the owner of Apple Company? 

By the way, Apple company owner is Steve jobs but he is no more so control all Apple company work is depend on Tim cook.

At present time Tim cooks as a CEO work in this apple company as well as he is also the owner of Apple because of US Securities and exchange commission (ASC) talking about so Tim Cook is Big shareholder in one man. 

So now in Short World The owner of Apple brand company- Tim Cook (CEO) 

When and by whom was the company of iPhone "Apple" founded?

Apple company started in the year 1676 and date is 1 April and that time steve jobs he is the head of Apple company because of all credit goes him. 

Steve jobs believe in quality, He is focused on Quality because quantity doesn't matter quality matters. And that why the Apple brand company is popular in the whole world. 

In the Mackbook or USB or Pendrive development, all credit goes to Steve jobs because he is focused on quality only or maintain standards on every single product. 

And that is the main reason Apple is popular for the whole world and also apple single products too expensive. As compared to other companies Apple is too expensive, You know already. 

Which country is Apple company from?

Apple company is in America country. Steve Jobs is a resident of America so that is the reason company mainly in America. Apple is an American company but its headquarters  in Cupertino, California 

What is iPhone? 

iPhone is the mobile and Apple is the company. iPhone produces by Apple and connects with computers and iPad with touch screen facility. The iPhone IOS Operating system is running. 

It's one mobile phone but has an advanced level of security and a better support system. 

What is Apple Inc.? 

Apple is a very big and apple have an advance level technical company and makes powerful gadgets like android and IOS applications, MacBook, laptops computers, and mobile phones. Apple company cell phones are too different and unique. Apple company popular in the whole world for its branding and quality. 

Apple has quality technical skills apple company and very good as compared to other mobile or gadgets companies. This company controls the operating system by using it is powerful technical skills, you have already idea because you used iPhone in your life you know. 


This article talks about the Who is the owner of Apple brand company and many other questions are clear about the Apple company, Hope so you people understand this article. 

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