How to hide own views on Blogger

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Hello and welcome back to another fresh article, Now in this article I'm going to talking about How to Hide own views on Blogger. 

You know what when you visit your article/ website so google also counts your own views too. And that's there is need to stop/ hide own views on Blogger. 

Some people have already had an idea about that but still, some people have no idea because the main reason is they, new bloggers. Now in this article, your doubt is clear because it's not a long process even in the 2 clicks you can hide your own views. 

As you can see in the above image there are all stats is given that a particular blog has low traffic but still, you have to hide your own views. All-time 6691 today 1, yesterday 90 this month 785 and last one is 1275 this is an overview of the stats, Right? 

So, Now start to our topic is "How to Hide own views on Blogger?"

Step 1 

Click the "Stats" option and scroll below till its ends. 

Step 2 

Step- 3 

Now the Step 3 is "Don't track my views for this blog" Click with the mark and after that, you can exit that particular window. 

Now your all steps are completed now you can hide your own views on your blog now start counting organic view/traffic. 


How to hide your own views on Blogger this is simple and 3 click steps, If you are a new blogger so this information is for you because more bloggers have no idea of the thing and that's why I share my knowledge with you. 

Hope so this information you get helpful, If this information you people get helpful share article link with your people family, and friends and spread love and happiness. 
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