5 Hidden websites you get helpful

 You what peoples, there are many things have no idea, But today i research on Internet and found 5 Hidden websites those website easy to navigation and easy to use. 

Sometime we alone at home and what can do? Confuse people and that time we have to research about many topics and found something new. 

Okay, Let it be, Now in this fresh article i'll share with you "5 Hidden Website, people you get helpful those websites" real article till it end and share with you people. 

5 Hidden websites

5 Hidden websites 

  1. Supercook.com
  2. Midomi.com
  3. Fast.com
  4. Wolframalpha.com
  5. Flightradar24.com

1. Supercook.com 

This is website helpful for any kitchen, If you're alone and in home and shortly available things (Vegetables, other) What is available in kitchen based on what we make? That time Supercook.com website helpful here. 

Not only the available things. If you go to this official website there is what you want to make you dinner and there is Search option is there if you click any dish you search all recipe given there. 

Is this website more helpful if you're working on kitchen or when you alone at home and no any idea about that "How to make food?" So that time it's website more helpful and informative. 

Official Interface of this website- Source- supercook.com 


2. Midomi.com 

If you people find song you hear but you have no remember so you can help this website. 

Some people are hear song and about tittle have no idea even me too first listen song and tittle not remember and that time i use YouTube full song type and search but there is no any result because that particular song have tittle means official address. 

Midomi.com is website helpful for finding any songs easy way. 

What in this website? 

In this website what is trending songs on any media or platform you got here when you scroll down. 

If you've tone that song in your mobile tap sing/him option and play on your mobile website easily capture that voice and you get result what is song that is? 

Also above search box also given, when you want to search any songs you also search there, no worry. 

Available in so many languages, if you've to change the language you can change it. 

This website also available on Google play store and Apple store i mean this is available in application form too. 

Official Interface of this website- Source- Midomi.com


3. Fast.com

Fast.com in this website, if you have no idea about the "How to check Internet speed?" So you can use this website. 

Fast.com is website helpful for the speed test of internet. How many MBPS Download speed, How many MBPS Uploaded speed? You can of this website. 

What is in this website?

Fast.com in this website you got internet speed in MBPS. If you're trying to check internet speed test and no idea How to Check Internet speed? you can help this website. 

If you search on Google Fast.com website automatically check Internet speed there is no need to any other steps. 

Other step to check Real time Internet speed- How to check Real time Internet Speed?

Official Interface of this website- Source- Fast.com


4. Wolframalpha.com

If you're learn in department of mathematics and any help about mathematics questions or problems that time this Wolframalpha.com website you get helpful that time. 

Any type mathematics question you got answers here in this website, and one advantage is there it's still free website. 

Also not only the mathematics question for any subject question and problem you got solution every single question and problems solution available Wolframalpha.com in this website. 

What is in this website?
  • Mathematics 
  • Science and technology 
  • Society Culture 
  • Everyday Life 
Above all topic, any solutions, problems and question are solved in this website. According to me this website more helpful for students or every single people too. 

Responsive website design, unique, helpful and informative website one of. Kindly note that students please check this website and get advantage of this website it's big opportunity. 

Paid service also available and free too. 

Official Interface of this website- Source- Wolframalpha.com


5. Flightradar24.com

As you read the name you something understand, I know. But still this website is all about details provide about the Flight. 

You what if you like to travelling this website made only for you because people have to no idea about exact time where is plane? 

This website provide information about exact where is plane? Exact location provide this website. Any Flight where in now with location and other details. 

What is in this website? 

This website provide information about the every single flight live location in the Map. As using map you can see where is the plane? 

With the Map and live location you also weather also you can check? Where is the plane with weather? 

Number of flight are fly also you can count in this website? 

This is website paid service also available. If you're looking best to navigation and exact location and other premier things you get paid service. 

Flightradar24 Fligh tracker also available on Google play store or Apple play store. If you want to download app you can do that. 

Official Interface of this website- Source- Flightradar24.com 


Conclusion- "5 Hidden websites you people get helpful" in this article those 5 website are there they website are unique and easy to navigates and best websites ever as you can see the every single 5 hidden websites design and look is unique and every website is helpful and informative. Use those application and get advantage of those best websites. 

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