Facts about the best TV Show Taarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chasmah

 If you're Indian so you have idea about this show, You know what this show is top in the Indian best TV show. More than people like to watch this show "Taarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chasmah". 

There are many TV Shows but still it's show one of the best always and forever. According to me this show is best for the family and any time entertainment, Because this is real life story and challenges in this TV Show. 

Facts about the best TV Show Taarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chasmah

Facts of this TV Show 👇

  • Jethalal is older than his father (Bapuji)- It's amazing
  • In character Sundar and Daya ben brother- sister in this show but you know what in real life also both are Brother-sister. 
  • Babita ji is the age in small in every single character. 
  • You know what, Jethalal and babita works together before Taarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chasmah 
  • The big fact is Bhide Master is in real life he's Engineer. Wow Amazing 
  • Iyyer is scientist in this show but you know what, he's write story about the Taarak mehta Ka ooltah Chasmah. 
  • Gogi and tapu both are cosine 
  • Daya ben works in movie before the Taarak mehta ka Ooltah Chasmah show 
  • You know what, Shailesh lodha as Taarak mehta he's in real life famous, popular writer and poet. 

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What is in this Show? 

In this show, love, help and support each other. Gokuldham society name of the society and there are many family but still they family help, support each other in any simple or complicated condition. 

Gokuldham society is the one family and they find solutions in any problem faces in real life challenges and get involved in sticky situations. 

Directors Of this show - Dharmesh Mehta, Harshad Joshi, Dheeraj Palshetkar 

Writers of this Show - Abbas Hirapura, Rajen upadhyay, Raju Odedra, Jitendra Parmar, Niren Bhatt 

This show where is streaming? 

Sony SAB, Sony pictures Networks India. 

This show also available on YouTube channel. You watch on YouTube. There is no need to any subscription or paid service is still free on YouTube. Simply Search on YouTube "Taarak Mehta ka ooltah Chasmah" press Enter key. You got this show. 

Which Language available? 

Hindi, Marathi 

Genre- Entertainment, Family TV Show 

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