Review Titans DC comics 2018 web series

Review Titans DC comics 2018 web series
Review Titans DC comics 2018 web series 

 Titans is the 2018 web series produced by the DC Comics Action, Drama, Dark superhero web series it is. DC popular for the science-fiction and action. Many superhero in this DC comics like Superman, Batman, The Flash, Arrow etc. many more superhero and still more movies and web series streaming different different platform. Titans is the web series and popular for the action. 

Titans 2018 Web Series 

Titans is american television web series and created by Akiva Goldsman, Geof Johnes and Greg berlanti and based on DC comics team and titans character. 

Titans is advanced technology and action web series now still available on Netflix (Paid Streaming Platform ) More movies and web series on Netflix go and watch Netflix- Titans web series 2018 click and watch paid. 

In this titans web series, Titans is the team and work for the peoples protect meta humans. Starting there is only 5 Superheros in this titans team Robin, Wonder Girl, Dove, Hawk they are first start the titans team and protect city from the powerful  meta humans. 

After some episodes there is new some powerful peoples are comes in Dick (Robin) life and those superhero are more than powerful Beast boy (Tiger), Starfire ( Every single thing fire ), Raven/Rachel Roth  ( Devil in inner), Jason todd (New robin by Batman) they superheros are coming after some episodes. But still action seen are more in this every single episodes. 

Action fight scan is too much nice According to me the robin is the leader to the whole titans team because of every single notice is apply by the robin. But the still the robin is Dick they have robin suit but fire that suit now the there is new robin is there but still old robin is more than better. 

If you're looking about titans how this web series? So you guys are understand, personally suggest to you people must watch this web series, if you like to watch science-fiction, action, drama so this is nice web series. Go and watch paid service is available on Netflix. 

Seasons and Episodes 

There are still 2 seasons streaming on Netflix official website/ Application (Paid Service). 11 Episodes are in Season 1 and 13 Episodes are in Season 2. 

Season 1 release date- October 12, 2018 

Season 1- 11 Episodes 

Season 2 release date- September 6, 2019 

Season 2- 13 Episodes

Season 3- Coming soon (Date Announced Already ) 

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Hindi- English (Dual Audio)



Yes (English) 

Size of the each episodes 

180 MB to 350 MB Each Episode

Video Resolution 

480 P and 720 P Web HD Available. 

 Must watch or not? 

Yes Must Watch. 

Action and Science -fiction 


Where is available? 

Netflix Official Website/ Application (Paid Service) 

 How many Seasons are available? 

2 Seasons 

Web Series Good or not? 

Very good web series 

Streaming Year


Adult or not?

Yes it is age restricted 18+ web series (Sensitive scan available in this web series)

Conclusion: Review "Titans" web series, In this article all about the Titans web series, DC comics action, drama, Adventure, Science-fiction etc. The web series is good for watch some sensitive part in this web series but still okay. 18+ Available, Hope so article is helpful to you people, share with your peoples. 

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