What is Google Search Engine? How people use?


What is Google Search Engine? How people use?, What is Google?, What is Search Engine?, What is WWW?, How to people use Google?
What is Google Search Engine? How people use? 

You know what Google Search engine is. It's the Big brand or company only we know right. But the still Google is the Big internet information source.

Google is the big brand as we know that, it's the big information provider search engine. And it's the every mobile phone in build Application now still available. 

When you search any information in Google Every topic information still available in the Google and many website builders earn money from the Google because it's the gives chance to earn money people from the Google Adsense. 
Every people use this search engine, YouTube videos also comes in this search engine if there is information information available in Google but the as compared to google there is best information and easy to understand in the YouTube than in the top of search engine YouTube Video is top the search engine is the Google Policy.

If you write Google correct and unique information so there your content article in the Top of the search engine. Google Always want to without copyright and unique information ever. If you have no idea about the "What is Copyright" so you read it.

If you're interested in Google Website creating and you don't know to create website, so don't worry about that is this website also provide more information about the Blogging and Website creating.
s there are available and create Technology, Educational, Songs, Funny, Entertainments etc more about topic there are creators are there you check official Web page and Official YouTube Application. Low ads and easy to use this application.
Many creators make money from YouTube. If you have no job so you can do too. If you have skill talking and more information about topic you can also choose that carrier more money in this field but when you have talent. 

YouTube is the part of Google. Google Buy this application YouTube is and now is this more than people use this YouTube official application or web page. YouTube is the now days need every people for the visual Information. 
YouTube one of the platform there are more money earn from the Google Adsense or when you are best creator so there is also promotion gives for the best brands. 

Blogging and website building is the part of Google. When you create Website so than Google Adsense Gives Google Adsense Approved and by you ads in add in your particular website and than you easily earn money from Google.
Google is the big search engine. 

Google Screenshot understanding purpose: 
What is Google Search Engine? How people use?, What is Google?, What is Search Engine?, What is WWW?, How to people use Google?


Advantage Of Google Search Engine
  • Information: Every single topic information available in Google. If there is you've doubt about any educational topic you can search in Google you got information about that. 
  • Language: More information still available in different language, if you're website builder or now start so you can write in your own language or other language as you want. 
  • Videos: If there issue of understanding problem so there is Videos too available in every education and other information. 
  • Map: If you forget the road or travel new place or other reason to choose new place you can choose Map option and find anything and everything provide Google Map.
  • Online Shopping: You have no idea about offline (Shop Shopping) So there is one more option is Online Shopping in the Google Search engine. Online Shopping or Online Selling is also available. 
  • Marketing : If you are interested to Digital Marketing in the internet gives to people also marketing in all over the world. "What is Marketing?"
  • Online Earn Money:  Google also gives chance to earn money from Google Adsense. If there is you're creator you can create YouTube Videos and website building, blogging so there is chance to earn money Online. "How to earn Money Online?"
  • Calls, Video Calls : If you've to call or video someone so there also google gives chance to talk and chatting with your peoples.
  • Store Online: If you've no storage so you can save your some data in the Google storage too is the big advantage provide by Google but the they need Internet. 
  • Entertainment: In the Google still available entertainment Books, Movies, Web series, Memes, Jokes are available in the Google. Many website builder also provide in their website jokes and entertainment articles. Online TV also you can watch in the internet. 
  • Banking: Every time people not possible to go to the bank and withdraw money so there is also a big advantage to the People is online banking from the official Banking Application or Web page. And more application and web page available to debit and credit money.
  • Other Advantages: Expect above topics there is more than advantage from the Google internet. We are more lucky we have Google Search engine. 

What is WWW? 
WWW Full Form is ( World Wide Web) As you can see the every Website URL there is in the front of website there is https:// and Next is WWW and than website Domain. As you can see the "https://www.domain.com/in/net/info/org etc." 

WWW and hypertext is both thing join each other. In the WWW is store all the websites and more suggestions also. 

Internet and WWW have and one relationship. Internet is the only provide the a particular and limit data but the WWW is the world wide web every many computers join like a spiders web. Web is the best example to the Google WWW as you can see the web is many wires is connected each other. 

When some websites name (Address ) also called the URL ( Uniform Resource Located ). When we try to open any websites Like a DAREDEVILBLOG.IN is the like a one particular address. WWW is the gives direction to the any information and related to searches. Every single web data store here and provide from here single application and websites.

Google Search engine is just a provide WWW related to information not more than but the still Google and many WWW websites URL connected each other. When someone write about the WWW so there is many people Write about the WWW and they people in between competition. Every single websites have an competition. 

How to People use Google Search engine

There is use is just a simple step search your problem or doubt in Google and Press Enter button you got result. If there is location search also location is in your screen and than you navigate. Educational doubt you type there so there result is education related. 

Kids Google
In the age below in 18 called the Kids. It means they search about the related to the information about the educational purpose. 
Modern kids get helps to the Internet and increase the knowledge level easily there are easy to find voice search also available now the Google. 

Young People Google
There is a young people addict Porn site and that people thinking level is also like a porn. Porn is educational thing it's the young people mind play only. 
When people too much watch porn so this is the addiction. Young peoples needs to Sex education about the sex education there are many article are still available read that article but the porn site is affect our human mind and addict it bad thing ever. 

People opinion about the porn: Porn made for the educational purpose and it's good for our mind and body. 

According to me: This is totally wrong it's not made in purpose of educational it's made only for the earning money and those porn site only do there only acting more than and they people earn money. 
Google provide best information if you've want to increase knowledge Google is the best option for young people expect porn websites. T
There are more websites still available and many post written about the educational, entertainment, movies and etc. websites are there see that particular website instead of porn websites. 
You can read Online newspaper also instead of Porn site. Google provide best and true news you get advantage of that websites. 

Conclusion: Google Search engine is complicated to understand but here some topics are clear. "What is Search engine" It's information informative, Helpful or not comment in the below share article with your people. Google and WWW is provide best information get advantage of this Search engine and increase knowledge.
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