How to Download movies from the website?

 Free movies every single people watch, But there is one question is there How is that possible? So here answer is all possible in this world, if you've no idea about that so is this article only for you. How to download free movie (Any movies Hollywood, Bollywood etc.) There is many more ways to download the movies but still in this article one way i explain and it's too easy follow below step and understand How to download the movies? I personally use this website for the download any type movies. 

How to download movies steps are below follow that and learn it  How to Download Movies? is the Official website name and interface is below in the screenshot. MoviesFlix provide many movies free to watch. e.g. Bollywood, Hollywood with the different-different languages. In that particular website many Ads there if you simply in the search option click one additional page open in a new window but still cancel that new window only still still open only and follow below more step to movies download. 

Search Movies ( Which movie you want Type your movie name in the "What are you looking for" Option. )

If that particular website you find that fixed web series or movies so search the header option is "What are you looking for" That option is available click that and type your movie name and press Enter or in a mobile search option. 

If you're click first that Search option so automatically open the new window and open the Ad but you have to cancel and still live that website only Okay. 

After got that particular movies as you want to one click that movie. 

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How to Download free movies from Internet 2021?

Process to free movies Download 

  1. click that link and open that website in a one click only, page is open that particular free movies website.
  2. Click any movie or Search option is also in the header option. And the option is "What are you Looking For?" Type the name of that particular movie name ( Note- Accurate spelling name) click the enter or click search option.
  3. If you search " Avengers Endgame" and enter or search so result in the below.  and than click that movie and new interface in front of you. 
  4. There is Language and Movies size still looks there what you want to size with the particular language. 
  5. After click that movie new interface is there and scroll below till the option is "Download Link" With size name. Which size you want to video resolution. Click the "Download link".
  6. New Window is open if network is low takes time but still network fast load fast. New window scroll below and there is in a square "Fast Server (G- Direct) Is option is in the below click that particular option. New window in front of you.
  7. After many process and cancel and okay clicks that is new window is open in front of you and there is two options only. Which option that is (1) Watch Online and (2) Instant Download. If you've to watch online movie click the "Watch Online" And you want to after download and watch movie click the "Instant Download". We want to Download movie so click the "Instant Download" 
  8. After click the "Instant Download" website takes some load and below option is "Download now' After counting 5 seconds.
  9. After click the "Download now" Option downloading process will start immediately. After download process complete you watch that movie. 

Process of free movies download with screenshot 

1. Is the official website interface Open that page in your Google Search engine. 

2. Next is choose movie which you like? and other is search which you want to watch movie as you want. Search above option is "What are you looking for?" type your movie and Press the Enter button. 

3. After selecting the movie click that particular movie and go in that official web page. and scroll below till the last and below the option is in the below screenshot. 

4. After selecting above option is click anyone above and next another tab is open in your google window. Scroll below and click the "Fast Server (G- Direct)".

5. After done the above process next window open in your google window as like below screenshot. And there is tow options still there (1) Watch Online (2) Instant Download click which you want Watch online so watch online or Download. But here we want to download the movie so go ahead. 

6. After click the "Instant download" there is next interface in front of you see the next screenshot is. After 5 seconds there is option is "Download Now" Click that option.

7. Download process will be start.

After the downloading process complete check your memory and watch the movie. Hope you step you people are understand and learn about the "How to download free movies from Internet?".

Recommended Movies and Web series 
1. Action
  • Logan 
  • Avengers Assemble 
  • Avengers: Age or Ultron
  • Avengers: Infinity War 
  • Avengers: Endgame 

2. Science- fiction 
  • Harry Potter 
  • Avatar 
  • Intersteller 
  • Star Wars 
  • Green lantern 

3. Love story 
  • 10 things i hate about you
  • The Graduate 
  • A walk to remember 
  • Can't buy me love 
  • The Notebook 

4. Adult 18+ 
  • Come Undone
  • Amour 
  • Sex and lucia 
  • Unfaithful 
  • Hitch 

5. Adventure 
  • Inception 
  • The Revenant 
  • North by northwest 
  • Cast Away 
  • Big fish 

6. Fantasy 
  • The Lord of rings: The two towers 
  • The princess Bridge 
  • The Shape Of water 
  • The Thief of Bagdad 
  • Blade 

I personally suggested to you people, Marvel comics  and DC Comics are both are popular for the Adventure, action and science fiction very famous all over the world. Please watch these two Comics movies always famous for the Action- fiction, Science, adventure and fantasy famous for that watch those movies. 

Conclusion: "How to Download free movies from Internet 2021?" In this article all about the free movies download, Many people don't know about that so is this article that people they have no idea about the How to download movie from the internet free, so hope so people are understand about that. If this information you people get helpful share article with your people and learn more about how to download the movies?.

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