Top 11 Points to Become YouTuber

 Everyone want to make online money the Google Adsense and Google give chance to the people like a YouTuber or Blogger is the Good chance gives by the Google, Here going for the "How to Become YouTuber " and make money online. 

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Till the end read and keep your mind and think about plane what is plane about the YouTube. Top some points are below there follow it and go ahead in your Passion. Passion is the more important to achieve your goals and success. It's free way to earn money if you passion and trust yourself.

Follow below Points to Become YouTuber 

  • Make YouTube Channel by the YouTube.
  • Suggest  unique Name to Channel.
  • Description / Tags 
  • Create welcoming by add your name and Welcome Voice.
  • Use Camera or Screen in your Videos.
  • Think About Content
  • Manage Voice proper, no outside voice and all.
  • Set up your mind and camera 
  • Don't Upload panic videos.
  • Communicate with Viewers and supporters/ Active social media 
  • Unique content.
  • Follow trend and make videos.
  • Keep your passion and make videos about your passion.
  • Don't be overacting.
  • Talk about reality.
  • Make ending part by Thanks for watching and all that. 
  • Monetise Channel 

You Know there is many YouTubers in whole world, According to me if you want to become a successful YouTubers. In specially India have many creators and you also become a celebrity, creators etc. You must keep your passion till the Trend your Videos. Like @T-series,  @Ashish Chanchalani, @Bhuvan Bam, @Carryminati, @Amit Badhana are Best Creators in the India, @Pewdiepiw, @Ed Sheeran @Dude Perfect and all many creators and content writers are there, If you have passion you can enter in this world and keep your identity and popularity in whole World. 

Let's Go to the Points:

1.  Make YouTube Channel

Make YouTube Channel in your Phone, Laptop any device they have internet Connection. If you've no account you can't upload Videos in YouTube That's why i say to your first make YouTube channel. Only E-mail ID and phone use this Application you making YouTube channel. 

2. Suggest Unique Name to Channel 

Make Creators have same channel name. So that's why i suggest to you some different type suggest name and give your Channel name. Firstly research about the channel name and than you gives that channel name where it's unique. 

3. Description / Tags 

Add Description to YouTube channel. That Description help you get search engine what is in your Channel videos and all that. Give tags in YouTube. By the Tags and description search engine easily gives direction the reach in your videos and channel. 

4. Create Welcome 

Create welcome video like the start your identity and Channel name and what is in Videos. 
eg. Welcome to my YouTube Channel my name is ........ and today i'll talk about the..... Topic so Let's start to our video and all you want you can add in Your video, and than start you main Topic and talking about that. 

5. Use Camera or Screen in your Videos

When you reveal you face in YouTube that can you use the camera firstly not use best camera don't care about that you can use your Phone and Record videos and Upload in the YouTube channel.  In the educational videos and other Tips tricks by using screen you can explain viewers. 

6. Think About Content

Make Unique content and make videos above related that content and talk about that reality. Don't be silly. Copyright content and all that don't use in YouTube channel. 

7. Communicate with Viewers and supporters/ Active social Media 

Active Social Media always like 5 Hours in a day for the help for viewers. If Communicate your visitors and, viewers and supporters that your Channel is grow in Future. If you are not active and not Post in the week people have unsubscribe to Channel and Channel is Lost. 

8. Follow Trend 

Follow trend and make videos about the Trend if any education video trend you can also make video above that point but not copy any one part of other Videos create unique. 

9. Passion 

Follow passion and make above that Topic. If that topic you think about that boring somewhere it's more important Topic and peoples get helpful other time so don't be embarrassed Okay.

10. Talk about Reality/ Ending part 

Talk about reality always because is this more important. Many people talk about some fake things and fake topic, But some time trend videos bad words but is the trend no issue are there always what is going on in the world you can make video about that. Ending part make like a 'Thanks for watching' and other ideas you have. 

 There are many people success middle class family you've also chance you comes in front of whole world so Keep you passion and make videos and Upload is now. Okay Figure out all about the YouTube.

11. Monetise Channel 

Monetising is most important part because when you not monetise you channel can't earn money. If you are Monetise you Channel that can you earn Money. Remember that first in the 1000 Subscribers and 4000 watch time that can you apply for the monetise. Okay.

Conclusion- In this article all about the YouTube. How to become YouTuber? What do for the YouTube channel and all that information is there. Makes only for you guys if you want to Become YouTuber, Must follow above some Points and make videos above Points. If is article informative copy link and send to your Friend family or send somewhere if you want. Thank you for Reading. 

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